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Box Piper Hacker News aggregates news with a focus on computer science, technology and entrepreneurship, etc. from https://news.ycombinator.com/ and presents it in a much better way.

Stories are presented in a card image layout, which helps users to understand the relevance of an article and whether is it worth reading or not.

The top 10 stories are presented in a story mode similar to social media sites such as Snapchat/Instagram/WhatsApp/Facebook user stories. Also stories is bifurcated in two parts, top 10 and others. Those who wants to focus only top stories of the day, can use it.

HTTP links are highlighted with a sign, which indicates that the website loads over an insecure connection. It may redirect to an HTTPS connection, but user discretion is required.

A user profile page with recent activities is displayed which helps users to understand more about the author who publishes a story.

Right now, only 100 stories are presented but it'll extend in the future along with the source of News channels.

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