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Hi! Thank you for the feedback!

> The IDE is completely useless on Linux with Ryzen 4700U, 16 Gigs of RAM and no GPU. Super laggy. Text input does not work and Ctrl+V does nothing when I tried to paste a link to the iris CSV file.

Would you be so nice and create an issue report with a short description and your machine spec here, please? https://github.com/enso-org/enso/issues

> Speaking of first impressions, the initial empty pane is a bit scary

We are currently working on making Enso much more user friendly - adding icons and better guidance.

> Why no support for Julia language given that Data Science is your main focus?

First languages we target are Python and R - those are most natural for Data Science. We can definitely think about Julia in the future. We are not targeting android development as a goal. Thank you for pointing out that it is unclear.

> Why would anyone non-technical use this tool over RapidMiner which feels much more user friendly with Drag-Drop widgets (does Enso have a "widget" library pane or only the autocompletions?).

As I wrote above, making Enso more user friendly, with icons for every action etc. is our main effort right now. The goal to improve user experience with every weekly release. Enso however, is much more extensible than ie. RapidMiner. If there is a need to add a custom blocks and share them with others in your company - we are working on making it instant and possible without any engagement from technical team.

> Conversely why would anyone technical use Enso over jupyter notebooks and ipywidgets or bokeh?

If it is a single person or a technical team, who doesn't have to explain the process to the business users or non-technical domain experts they might be happy with notebooks. Having visual representation is helpful for bigger workflows, that have to be easy to understand by non-technical user. However, interactivity while working with Enso is adding a value here as well. You can observe changes in your visualisations when data have changed, without refreshing, in real time. This is making testing ideas faster and more effective.

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