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Ask HN: Is DevOps still the highest paying sector of CS?

I remember for years sysadmin was the highest paying sector within CS jobs. That has now shifted to devops related stuff. With the huge interest in devops, Kubernetes, and cloud platforms, do you think the flood of people in that area will drive down the salary ranges and in what timeframe? The next three years, five years, or has it already happened and I’m late on the pickup?

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Ask HN: Is DevOps still the highest paying sector of CS?

@high_byte 9 hours

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was it the highest paying? I think the pay is usually higher for cyber security, ai engineering, algorithm developers, some niches and I see blockchain salaries rising fast.

but in all of CS you got so many niches you could get astronomical salaries, cryptography, algotrading, advertising. and that's all before stock options or ownership. highest pay is when you own something.


@tenfourwookie 6 hours

SAP consultants usually. There are several SAP subspecialties, like ERP integrations, that are themselves very lucrative.


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