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Show HN: Google Alerts for your favorite people

1 hour ago

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Show HN: Google Alerts for your favorite people

@cameronbrown 15 minutes

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Awesome stuff. A couple years ago I built my own bespoke service (which I won't plug here) to do exactly this, but in a generic way. In retrospect, it would've been far more useful to build around this idea of following online creators, rather than letting people figure out the use cases on their own.

Have you thought about expanding this beyond just the people here? There are more casual use cases like following specific creators across Twitter/YT/Patreon are also be valuable imo.


@jonathancai 1 hour

Replying to @jonathancai 🎙

Probably like a lot of you on HN, in my downtime, I closely follow people that I think are high-signal in their various domains (science, computers, startups, longevity, philosophy, cryptocurrencies, etc).

Once I find someone, I consume all their content obsessively, reading all their books, tweets, essays, and watch their videos/podcasts.

But I noticed a few problems: 1. A person's content is scattered around the web on multiple platforms. 2. Twitter is too fresh and noisy. It's hard to find someone's most seminal work across the years. 3. It's unusually difficult to be told/notified every time they release something new. People don't always like to self-advertise all their podcast appearances, or panels/interviews they've done.

So we built alias to address these issues - we've indexed all the content on some of the best creators in many fields, for you to subscribe to, which means you get an email whenever they release content.

For info on how this is built - Some of the indexing is done by cron jobs that fetch from RSS feeds, utilizes the Twitter API, and scrapes the web, but also some of it is manual, performed data contractors.


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