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The Bezos backlash is bigger than Blue Origin’s success

1 hour ago

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The Bezos backlash is bigger than Blue Origin’s success

@PaulHoule 55 minutes

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In the last month it seems that Amazon has incessantly asked my opinion about every product and service I use (e.g. the store, Amazon Music, ...)

My answer is always some variant of "I don't like the way you treat the help"


@jaytaylor 52 minutes

"My dad got to watch Neil Armstrong walk on the moon.

I get to watch the guy who killed book stores ride a giant dick into space."



@eyelovewe 45 minutes

I’m personally rather bored with the hobbies and tastes of these modern tech billionaires like Jeff and Elon. A few years back, there was a total global circumnavigation of the world in a solar powered 2 person airplane based in Switzerland, I forget the project name. This thing did not have to land to charge batteries but could stay aloft indefinitely, albeit at a very floppy wing surface area to weight ratio, and the resulting vulnerability to wind and low speed. Such a project or something that presents and actual investment that only a billionaire could provide are eschewed in favor of juvenile pissing contests like Mr. Branson and Mr. Bezos pursue


@ddingus 18 minutes

Of course it is.

Big successes do not erase equally big failures. And the failure here, not on Amazon alone, is far too many Americans not earning enough from their labor the fund continuing to exist reasonably and show up to work.


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