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I Canceled My Birthday Party Because of Omicron

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I Canceled My Birthday Party Because of Omicron

@joelbondurant 4 months

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Diaper face alert, diaper face alert, this is a broadcast of the diaper face alert system.


@GDC7 4 months

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What's the point of living like this? Isn't it better to put yourself 6ft under already? There you'd not have to worry about Omicron, Delta, Beta, Alpha , Xi and whatnot.

It has been 2 years, at some point we have to remember that we originate from humans who survived the 1918 flu, the great plague part 1 and 2 , the Toba super catastrophe and each and every curve ball nature threw at us.

We are also protected by the most advanced shield we have ever conceived, many of us decided to go and overclock that shield for a 3rd time after the 2 initial ones.

At what point does the author decide that canceling his birthday party also makes sense to avoid the risk of guests having to travel to his location by car?

Roads are a huge mess, some would say a roulette, especially in winter.

It's about time we stop this collective madness. With 3 doses in one's arm and therapeautics to prevent and treat a disease which is mild to begin with...the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.


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