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Brilliant. 2 litres developer per 400ft of material seems a bit little though, no?

> I personally like the combination of the traditional caffenol recipe combined with Dagie Brundert's beerol recipe.

How comes, out of interest?

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Replying to @nanna 🗣

For me beerol doesn't get to the density I'm looking for and caffenol, depending on a few factors, will result in a relatively high-contrast negative. The combined recipe is similar to a stock D-76 or ID-11 in terms of conventional developers.

200ft/L is a conservative estimate and I have been a part of workshops where we developed 1000ft per gallon, so YMMV. Checking my notes it looks like I processed reversal last time I did 4 rolls and so each roll would have been developed twice, essentially.


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