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Omicron is much less likely to hospitalize people, it never reached a concerning level in South Africa and cases are falling fast. I could see wanting covid patients to pay for it themselves, but denying them entry is ridiculously cruel.

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@xvector 4 months

Replying to @rogerkirkness 🗣

What is cruel, is not doing the bare minimum as a member of society and needlessly taking up precious ER resources that other responsible and well-meaning members of society might need.

To clarify, rather than denial of entry, I am suggesting deprioritization in the ER.

If someone got into a car crash tomorrow and the ER is full, given a similar expected mortality between the crash victim and antivaxxer, the antivaxxer should be ejected to make room.

Today we are already seeing that antivaxxers are saturating ERs and people have to wait hours for serious issues. I do not think it is particularly controversial to say that the antivaxxer is less deserving of care.


@dredmorbius 4 months

South Africa has an epidemiologically sophisticated population. That is, most people have already been exposed to Covid-19, conveying natural immunity, despite low vaccination rates (of about 25%).

Extrapolating SA findings to other countries may be premature, though the actual severity of the Omicron variant remains an area of intense interest and investigation.

Mild or otherwise, the US will all but certainly know within a month. Wishing for the more convenient answer may prove harmful or deadly to many.


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