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Alternative DNS Roots

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Alternative DNS Roots

@CaliforniaKarl 1 day

Replying to @merlinscholz 🎙

I never knew about CHAOS records. I'll have to look more into them. Thanks for the info!


@gerdesj 1 day

DNS over http will eventually destroy DNS as we know it. Thanks Goog n co!

DNS at the moment over 53/UDP is manageable and malleable. DNS over http is not and is up to your browser and hence a vendor.

Life on the helpdesk will become rather more nasty and worse than it is now and we probably won't get tools to diagnose what is going on inside the browser, and so life for IT will be increasingly crap.

I suggest we don't let the FAANGS run the world or the browser.


@0x073 1 day

Next blogpost: Alternative certificate authority


@walrus01 1 day

people have been trying to make various competing alternate DNS roots a "thing" for about 22 years now, and I would wager good money that less than 0.01% of the worldwide installed operating system base for client devices are configured to use them.


It's crazy how HN, within the space of a decade, went from clamoring for this kind of thing to shitting on it at every turn.


@ryandvm 1 day

DNS is the literally the only compelling use case for blockchain that I have ever been able to come up with (besides paying for contraband). A distributed database that no single entity owns is a perfect match for name resolution. Kind of amusing to me that blockchain DNS hasn't gotten off the ground. What hope do the less compelling blockchains have?


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