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Ask HN: Firefox connection problems after enabling DoH?

The latest version of Firefox (96.0 and 95.02) seems to have a problem where as soon as you enable DOH (DNS over HTTPS) the browser is unable to establish any connections. Disabling this feature once enabled doesn't resolve the issue, closing the browser leaves processes hanging in the background consuming resources. Several of my friends have reported (Windows/Linux) seeing the same issue but we haven't been able to find a solution.

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Ask HN: Firefox connection problems after enabling DoH?

@qiqitori β€’ 8 days

Replying to @killdozer πŸŽ™

I generally use Firefox ESR and don't have any problems. (Note: if you use Slack things are a bit broken sometimes in Firefox ESR. In fact, there's a notice that they'll stop supporting this browser on March 1. I haven't noticed any other broken sites though.)

Last time Firefox wouldn't connect to stuff (Google sites) even though every other browser would (March 21~22, 2017, but I think that was a problem that didn't affect the whole world), the workaround was very similar to the one discussed in other comments here: disable network.http.spdy.enabled and network.http.spdy.enabled.http2

(Insert snarky comment about feature creep and questionable frontend engineering here)


@roosmaa β€’ 8 days

Disabling all the extension seems to work around this as well, for me at least. But honestly, what's life without extensions.


@tusqasi β€’ 8 days

I am installing `brave` at this point. VOTE with your `paru -Syu brave` s


@jpkeisala β€’ 8 days

I just went to Settings > Network Settings and clicked No Proxy. Closed browser and it works again.


@Gringgles β€’ 8 days

it is definitely a firefox issue other browsers work fine


@Asmod4n β€’ 8 days

Might it be that Firefox checks if there are updates for it and hangs if it can’t connect to the server?


@lyon86 β€’ 8 days

mac pro, couldn't establish any connections.


@InsomniacL β€’ 8 days

  Other workaround: Go to preferences -> Firefox Data Collection and uncheck everything. Then restart Firefox[0]
This might be better then disabling http3 as Firefox would stop working in the future when http2 is depreciated.

  [0] https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1749908#c6


@00deadbeef β€’ 8 days

I'm having the same issue on Firefox 88. It will suddenly stop loading anything.


@TBrook β€’ 8 days

Once again, thank you to jbaiter - his HTTP3 solution worked for me.

The fault occurred mid-session, whilst streaming a live broadcast, and I lost the connection.

Plenty of people using the opportunity to criticise Mozilla, but if it's a third-party srvice problem, you can't blame them.


@Gringgles β€’ 8 days

it definitely a firefox issue other browsers working fine...guess its finally time to start looking for a different browser. same shit every year with firefox.


@akjetma β€’ 8 days

mannn... i know i'm going to forget about flipping this http3 flag for a quick fix


@lyon86 β€’ 8 days

mac pro couldn't establish any connections!


@emptyfile β€’ 8 days

I was wondering what that was about...

Seems like I'm disabling automatic updates for the foreseeable future.


@Shadonototra β€’ 8 days

642 points and it is hidden from front page

At this point it is pretty obvious.. they don't even try anymore, what a shame this place has become


@framtidsljus β€’ 8 days

Same here, actually reinstalled Firefox Developer Edition on Win 10.

Edit: the issue came back after reinstall! I had to disable http3 in about:config to resolve this issue.


@seanhunter β€’ 8 days

My firefox hung in a weird way and I think it might be because of this. However what happended was slightly amusing.

I was in the middle of a chess game. I played a move and the opponent's clock just seemed to be ticking down. The correct response for them was obvious so I couldn't understand why they were taking so long. Eventually I became suspicious and realised all my firefox tabs were kind of "stuck" and I couldn't refresh anything etc. Eventually my opponents clock seemed to run out completely but the game didn't end. I had to forcefully restart my firefox and when I got back to my game (fully expecting to have lost on time) saw that my opponent had played a terrible blunder and immediately resigned.


@teen β€’ 8 days

I love Firefox. It's depressing to see the hate they're getting in the comments.


@yuliyp β€’ 8 days

So what's strange here is that these hangs are weeks after Firefox 95.0.2 was released. That points to either DoH provider or some HTTP 3 server triggering the buggy behavior at scale. Either is fairly scary.


@sciurus β€’ 8 days

Hugs to all the Firefox developers and SREs who investigated this.

Bring on the front lines for such a crucial and complex piece of software and associated infrastructure is tough.


@yassinechih7 β€’ 8 days

librewolf sounds good to me


@ghusto β€’ 8 days

I feel a symptom I've been having for a couple of days could be related, but I can't be sure: There's a site I can only access via a personal VPN connection. If I try to access it while on the VPN, it works immediately. If I try to access it off the VPN, realise it's not accessible because I'm not on the VPN, connect to the VPN and try again, it takes a good 30s to a minute to get to.

Feels like Firefox waits some amount of time before making fresh attempts to a previously failed site, possibly due to some caching.


@plank β€’ 8 days

Interesting. My partner had this problem (?) or something just like it just now on her Windows machine, but my assumption was that this was a firewall problem (Windows defender had different firewall settings for Firefox as opposed to Chrome and Edge). Setting a single check mark fixed this.


@V-2 β€’ 8 days

I know it's a rant for which I may get downvoted, but I've grown really tired with Firefox.

It's only my laziness (having to recreate all the setup, find equivalent extensions etc.) that keeps me from switching to another browser.

Crashing tabs, losing pinned tabs, having to restart the browser when I switch to another wi-fi (eg. return home from the office), or otherwise all I'm getting is SEC_ERROR_BAD_SIGNATURE errors (not a problem for any other browser somehow!)... or even those silly dialogs that inform me "Firefox is already running, just not responding" when I close and try to reopen it, because apparently it lingers in memory, sometimes for like half a minute, when I'm only trying to get stuff done. These little slaps in the face really add up over time.


@taubek β€’ 8 days

I just god pinged why is Firefox not working. Now I know :)


@chaz6 β€’ 8 days

I suggested that data collection should be opt-in since it is (almost) the cause of this issue, and my comment was hidden for "advocacy".



@tomudding β€’ 8 days

Disabling DoH and properly closing Firefox most certainly works (for me). However, if you had enabled DoH then you probably do not want to turn it off, in which case disabling HTTP/3 as mentioned is the only proper solution.


@Daniel_sk β€’ 8 days

Same thing happened to me, I had to reinstall Firefox - this helped me to get back to work.


@Teknoman117 β€’ 8 days

Wow! I was pulling my hair out over this for the last few hours. Just seemed to come out of nowhere all of the sudden. I’m on Linux, but I updated Firefox about 10 days ago and had this just start happening about 3 hours ago.


@anonimamente β€’ 8 days

What is going on at Mozilla? It's getting harder to stay faithful to the organization supposedly representing the open web. They are acting more like the profit-first companies that are strangling our use of the internet. Starting a browser to a blank page should not make any outbound connection until the user requests something. Apparently their HTTP3 support is choking while trying to connect to some centralized service. This is an unacceptably poor engineering design.


@tomohawk β€’ 8 days

This is why there needs to be more than a single browser codebase. Monocultures have really bad failure modes.


@dantondwa β€’ 8 days

And here I go explaining my friends and family I helped switch to Firefox that the browser I've installed on their computers got broken at the beginning of a new day while Edge and Chrome work fine... personally, I know very well bugs happen and I'm not mad, but this certainly hurts the confidence in it for the non-tech people.


@marsik00 β€’ 8 days

delete all your temps %temp% it worked for me


@Nition β€’ 8 days

Just want to say thank you for posting this, because I've been trying to work it out for the last half hour.


@mlatu β€’ 8 days

what muppet keeps thinking its ok to mess with running configs enabling untested functionality?


@marsik00 β€’ 8 days

delete your temps if you are on windows (win+r, tipe %temp%)


@ItsBob β€’ 8 days

Just as another anecdote, mine failed to launch a local website I was debugging. That's my first time opening FF today.

I opened JetBrains Rider (on Fedora 35) and debugged my site (Alt + F5) and it launched to a blank page with FF locked up.

So this isn't to do with ME specificially trying to connect to an external service.


@alexb_ β€’ 8 days

@redisman β€’ 8 days

It just broke for me too! Very odd and probably the straw that broke the camels back for me. Mostly my annoyance has been odd performance issues on Linux. Brave here I come


@Stormwalker β€’ 8 days

Firefox guys just released a fix


@boldslogan β€’ 8 days

I reset my computer and it fixed it for me.


@AlexanderGrooff β€’ 8 days

I've found that AppArmor started to block Firefox:

audit: type=1400 audit(1642063521.864:246): apparmor="DENIED" operation="ptrace" profile="snap.firefox.firefox" pid=9868 comm="Shutdow~minator" requested_mask="trace" denied_mask="trace" peer="snap.firefox.firefox"

I really don't like it, but turning off Apparmor worked for me. Not sure what caused AppArmor to start complaining all of a sudden.


@bryanp2021 β€’ 8 days

I've been using firefox since its very first day. In recent months I have had quite a lot of issues. Somehow the fullscreen mode always shows "Press ESC to escape". Last week, somehow all my cookies are gone and I have to re-login all sites again; worst, all add-ons settings are gone too. Well quite a lot of stuff. It's my mistake to install some add-ons or something crazy, but I really hope there is any easy way to "understand and fix the problems". The browser is not a technical bomb field that I need to invest my time :(


@dotdi β€’ 8 days

This happened to me and a co-worker too, and I could resolve it with a `sudo killall firefox` and re-starting it.

In contrast to all the heat from many of the comments here, I'll say this: shit happens to any company. My trust in Mozilla is not (yet) shaken just because a bug made it into production, even if that bug made it there due to bad decisions or even (hopefully temporary) lack of vision.

I, for one, am not comfortable with giving full control of the internet to Google and friends, so using FF is one of the things that let me "fight".


@simfoo β€’ 8 days

Oh man and I thought it was only me. I couldn't even refresh Firefox from the UI and had to start it in safe-mode to reset everything. That fixed it but holy moly


@dathinab β€’ 8 days

I have the same problem, through no idea if it's DOH related.

The strange thing it seems to randomly appear/disappear.

Most strangely it happened to trigger the appearance/disappearance of the problem with other people entering the office??


@michaelanckaert β€’ 8 days

It is time for Mozilla to stop messing around. They are losing user trust extremely fast. A silent FireFox update that cripples the browser? No active update was done since yesterday and this morning: a broken browser.

Please stop non-browser development and let me pay a monthly fee for a decent browser!

I don’t want a VPN service, bookmark readers or other crap. I want Mozilla to defend the open web and create an open source browser. That’s it. The past few years have been a big disappointment in Mozilla leadership and (lack off) vision.

If they don't turn this around then I hope others will step up and reclaim the web!

This isn't just a rant, it's also a cry to let people explicitly support browser-only development via donations, subscriptions and show our support.


@poisonarena β€’ 8 days

EDIT: FIX worked temporarily.. had to go the network.http.http3.enabled route, sorry folks

I literally just fixed this problem by installing that microsoft visual redistributable https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/1326304

It just started happening to me after i updated firefox.. I installe that VC runtime, restarded, and now it works.. didn't have to disable anything in the browser.. this has been happening for at least a year, reading reddit and googling..


@hereforphone β€’ 8 days

I gave up on Firefox awhile back and switched to Brave. I felt like Firefox kept getting less efficient and more bulky after many years of using it. So far happy with Brave.


@randolf_carter β€’ 8 days

Worked for me disabling telemetry and related things


@apexalpha β€’ 8 days

i just got this. From one moment to the next it seemed my internet or DNS was down. Chrome worked fine however, no issues at all while firefox couldn't even load

I rebooted my PC and it seems fixed. Weird how this bug suddenly pops up. I don't even use DOH. I had to kill the process on Linux to even restart Firefox, but I needed a full reboot to get connections again.


@frogcoder β€’ 8 days

I am kind of glad there are so many folks on hacker news using Firefox.

I "fixed" it by refreshing Firefox. You can refresh Firefox from [Help] menu item, and choose [Trouble shooting Mode...]


@jacquesm β€’ 8 days

So, looking at the HTTP3 wikipedia page I see this:

"HTTP/3 uses QUIC, a transport layer network protocol which uses user space congestion control over the User Datagram Protocol (UDP)."

Ok. Is it still a thing with internet core routers that in case of congestion issues they drop datagram packets because they're not guaranteed to be delivered anyway?


@kimi β€’ 8 days

I created a short step-by-step blog post, with images, about a solution that worked for us because people started contacting our support. I think I can share it here: https://www.queuemetrics.com/blog/2022/01/13/firefox-stopped...


@pveierland β€’ 8 days

I've had some struggles with Firefox recently where sometimes it will refuse to create any new connections. Going to "about:profiles" and selecting "Restart normally..." has resolved this. Leaving it here as it might help someone else + not being super-intuitive.


@mftb β€’ 8 days

Just experienced very similar symptoms. After several restarts, (including manually killing background procs). I was able to get http(s) connections working again by manually disabling all extensions and restarting. So far I have re-enabled uBlock and then I came to HN and found this as top post. Now in the process off individually re-enabling extensions.


@starwatch β€’ 8 days

I'm having the same issue. All tabs froze and the FF energy demand spiked. I upgraded manually from 95.0.2 to 96.0 but the issue persisted.

Twitter[1] is currently lighting up with broken FF reports across the globe.

Some people are reporting that if you hold down Shift while opening it works (though any FF personalisation is wiped). That didn't work for me on Mac.

[1]: https://twitter.com/search?f=live&q=firefox%20until%3A2022-0...


@Semaphor β€’ 8 days

Reddit Thread with tons of comments already: https://old.reddit.com/r/firefox/comments/s2u7eg/is_firefox_...

I have the same issue, a different profile worked

edit: Twitter feed https://twitter.com/search?q=firefox&src=typed_query&f=live

There better be some hell of a post mortem

edit2: `network.http.http3.enabled` in about:config to false fixed it for me. Source: https://old.reddit.com/r/firefox/comments/s2u7eg/is_firefox_...


@Nursie β€’ 8 days

For the first time for a long time, today, I had to force kill and restart it on MacOS. It just suddenly couldn't connect to anything, and the process wouldn't exit on normal close.


@danielEM β€’ 8 days

Wow. Spent 2 hours trying to figure out what the heck is wrong with my FF on arch. But did nothing and now writing that post from FF so DNS over HTTPS service was down maybe?


@ttctciyf β€’ 8 days

Manual install on aging Ubuntu refused to load pages and pegged CPU.

Manually reverted, and launching my older version (92!) demanded I either create a new profile or quit.

This would have been a disaster except I tried it out on a spare profile in the first place, so I recommend this to anyone making a similar experiment.

I haven't set DOH (!) that I can remember.

Running through the initial ff setup a couple of times is a sad reminder of the progressive influx of crapware into my sill favourite browser.


@chubot β€’ 8 days

Wow, I've been hitting this for the last couple hours... I thought it was my network, and then was confused because Chrome works.


@mrz_ai β€’ 8 days

What fixed it for me was to uncheck:

"Allow Firefox to send technical and interaction data to Mozilla"


@eternalban β€’ 8 days

I've experienced this issue with the default DoH provider. Trying using Mullvald now (there was a related post on HN) and the only noticeable difference is some latency in opening pages, working fine otherwise.


@MarcScott β€’ 8 days

Looks like it's all fixed now. I made the http3 changes on my Windows machine, but currently on my nixOS machine and FF is working without any issues.


@mellavora β€’ 8 days

What's driving me crazy about Firefox is that every time they release a new version, whatever version I am running on my machine stops working-- it refuses to load any new page or to refresh any existing page.

So I have to open Safari and download and install the latest release.

Which means I can never count on Firefox working. Frustrating.

osx, if that helps anyone suggest a fix.


@niktar β€’ 8 days

+1 last update in Linux mint brings this issue.


@anoplus β€’ 8 days

Yes, my Firefox cannot connect, while other browsers can. I don't remember having anything like this before.


@alfiedotwtf β€’ 8 days

https://old.reddit.com/r/firefox/comments/s2u7eg/is_firefox_... "This post is locked. You won't be able to comment."

That's pretty poor on the mods :(


@orf β€’ 8 days

@betamaxthetape β€’ 8 days

I'm typing this from my rarely-used Chrome install. Firefox just broke for me, and killing all the processes and / or restarting isn't helping.

Edit: I am on Firefox 91.4.1esr, so clearly it isn't just the latest versions that are affected.


@meisterglanz β€’ 8 days

I fixed it with starting firefox with "firefox -p". Then create a new profile. Everything should work now. Now close firefox, run "firefox -p" again and reload your old profile. Now it should work. At least for me.


@jbaiter β€’ 8 days

What worked for me was disabling HTTP3 support with the 'network.http.http3.enabled' key in about:config and then restarting Firefox. Seems like it's stuck in the 'SocketThread', repeatedly doing this:

  2022-01-13 08:20:53.075936 UTC - [Parent 4106991: Socket Thread]: V/nsHttp Http3Stream::OnReadSegment count=333 state=4 [this=7f6e295623a0]


@skinkestek β€’ 8 days

So, when is someone going to create a minimal patch set that:

- lets us opt of automatic meddling from Mozillas side

- fixes a single small thing every month

I want to pay for it.


@mirekrusin β€’ 8 days

Same here, couldn't connect on nightly, had to downgrade to normal one, crash report couldn't be sent as well, likely due to the same problem (weird, I thought it's handled by macOS itself).


@zinekeller β€’ 8 days

Genuinely, I cannot reproduce the issue. I ensured that both DoH (set to Cloudflare) and H3 are enabled but didn't hit the snag, so either Cloudflare has a buggy deployment or the hunch (https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1749908#c6) that it's telemetry activating H3.

Update: using Google's (the horror) DoH, and I didn't notice problems. Might just be CF having a bad H3 deployment, but I want to know what bug it triggered on FF.

Update 2: To clarify, CF did indeed hang FF, but also Google, which is know for at least bothering to monitor complaints (and dns.google is still H2). Trying to disable telemetry now.

Update 3: incoming.telemetry.mozilla.org is still H2. Can someone give me the other domains of MozTelemetry? Browser still working as of the moment.

Update 4: Telemetry was indeed H3'd: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1749908#c17, me angery right now.


@rejectfinite β€’ 8 days

I just had to kill Firefox.exe using Task Manager/Process manager and restarted it as it had hung. Then it started working.

Tested all versions, release, dev and nightly.

They all work now.

I did not have to change any settings or do any fix.


@Grollicus β€’ 8 days

It seems another workaround is disabling the collection of usage data:


€: It seems telemetry does no longer triggers the bug as they've changed something on the server side? So this probably won't help anymore.


@folli β€’ 8 days

Seems to work again 09:28am UTC. I'm writing this in Firefox after having had the problem for the last 1-2 hours...

Edit: confirmed this on two separate machines where Firefox was unresponsive (Win 10 and Ubuntu 20.04)


@grokx β€’ 8 days

Got the exact same issue just now. I managed to solve it by clearing all the cookies and websites data, from the Firefox settings.


@pinkrammy β€’ 8 days

Thought it was my Internet connection as a browser wouldn't just stop working like that. Currently on Edge.


@egberts1 β€’ 8 days

Did not experience this on the firewalled subnet. But I did with direct subnet to Internet.

(Closer examination of default-deny firewall shows that HTTP3 are being blocked due to custom UDP connection tracking.)

I’m fine with that.


@dwightgunning β€’ 8 days

I’d only installed it ~24hrs ago onto a new MBP. So my fix was `brew uninstall` and then reinstall. That worked.


@Vinnl β€’ 8 days

Updates on the bug:

> We have other services with the same type of load balancer in front of it and we currently suspect it is an HTTP/3 load balancing problem.


> Our current suspicion is that Google Cloud Load Balancer (or a similar CloudFlare service) that fronts one of our own servers got an update that triggers an existing HTTP3 bug. Telemetry was first implicated because it's one of the first services a normal Firefox configuration will connect first, but presumably the bug will trigger with any other connection to such a server. Our current plan is to disable HTTP3 to mitigate until we can locate the exact bug in the networking stack.



@asasa1212 β€’ 8 days

Disabling all checkboxes in "Firefox Data Collection and Use" made it work It seems to be hanging on sending "telemetry"


@new_guy β€’ 8 days

I'm glad it's not just me, been banging my head against this for a while now!


@iqanq β€’ 8 days

Fi... Firefox? What is that?


@raverbashing β€’ 8 days

Hah just saw this after reinstalling Firefox from zero (that worked to solve the problem actually - needed to bring the old profile still)


@Diskutant β€’ 8 days

For me Firefox stopped loading content mid-browsing. I thought it's some network issues and just did other stuff, a while later I realised every other app works. So I just restarted Firefox, and it worked.

No need to change any settings.


@gsich β€’ 8 days

Telemetry strikes again.


@bjourne β€’ 8 days

Go to preferences -> Security -> Data collection and Firefox usage. Uncheck everything. Voila!


@poopsmithe β€’ 8 days

Yes. Wow I thought it was just me. Had to refresh Firefox to get anything to load

Menu > Help > Troubleshooting Mode (it asked me if I wanted to refresh)


@jaxrtech β€’ 8 days

The only thing that worked for me was: - Hit Ctrl + Shift + Del (TIL this exists) -- which will open the "Clear Recent History" dialog - Select under the down "Time range to clear": "Everything" - Select at least "Cache" and "Offline Website Data"


@misotaur β€’ 8 days

And of course I see this thread after purging and reinstalling Firefox.


@amalive β€’ 8 days

Honestly it is as simple as for them to realize that people are still using firefox because they WANT to. And I believe most of these people would be glad to pay a monthly/yearly fee for a stable, secure and private experience.

I would like to come back to Firefox. But lack of focus on their core product (vertical tabs issue) and trying to woo chrome(ish) users with crappy products have turned me away long back.


@comonoid β€’ 8 days

Got this problem on MacOS ARM. I thought initially that my old router has ended its life, until I started Safari just to check...


@zelphirkalt β€’ 8 days

Aaaand another bunch of users lost to Chrome ...

I've only spoken with 2 other people and they were not as lucky as me to have read about the fix on this very comment page, so they were "forced" to use Chrome/ium to be able to access the web. Not sure they will switch back to Firefox.

I am surely not switching to Chromium based browsers, but it is time again for me to consider switching to Icecat or so instead after what happened today.


@vegai_ β€’ 8 days

96.0 made me switch back to Chromium. I couldn't work in AWS for some reason with Firefox -- replacing cloudformation templates for instance did not work anymore.


@toun β€’ 8 days

On default configs, what did the trick for me was disabling all telemetry, then restart Firefox. Works on Windows and Linux.


@ThePhysicist β€’ 8 days

Firefox has been pretty unstable for me too recently, just now I had to kill several "GeckoMain" processes that kept churning even after I closed the browser. There also seems to be a memory-/performance leak that leads to the browser getting slower and slower the longer it is open, so once per day I have to close and re-open it, which fixes the issue.

I really try hard to like Firefox but it keeps falling behind. For certain tasks like debugging web applications I already resort to Chrome because the debug tools in Firefox are painfully slow in comparison. I guess FF developers have too beefy laptops and don't notice this, on my "old" T460p it makes the browser more and more unusable though. Same goes for opening "expensive" web apps like Slack or video conferencing tools, performance greatly degrades.


@Darmody β€’ 8 days

Happened to me this morning.

I thought my internet was down but nope, it was Firefox. Everything else was working fine.


@Foobar8568 β€’ 8 days

It solved by itself on my computer (after a full shutdown in Windows with shutdown /s /f /t 0 )

Edit: And it broke again after working for 15min. Fairly strange.


@nottorp β€’ 8 days

Weird data point. Firefox on my laptop borked as per this thread all of a sudden. I spent like 30 min trying to troubleshoot it and failed, then i moved to my desktop and there it was, working Firefox. I'm posting this from it.

Have they already fixed the problem and it was remote?


@styeco β€’ 8 days

I really hope the auto-update component doesn't have the same issue, otherwise Firefox is essentially dead on millions of computers owned by non-techies.


@CodinM β€’ 8 days

This is ridiculously unacceptable, as someone affected by it out of the blue without turning on DOH.


@mdoms β€’ 8 days

You'd think "can load a web page" would be included in the regression suite for a web browser. This is some pretty bad quality control even by Firefox standards.


@cdsld β€’ 8 days

Also on Mac. I reinstalled it and now it works.


@fithisux β€’ 8 days

Mac too.


@Jaxkr β€’ 8 days

Firefox stopped working in the middle of writing an email. Couldn’t even restart the browser without it crashing. Rebooting didn’t fix it. Reinstalling it only temporarily fixed it. I got frustrated and installed the ESR version and it STILL didn’t work.

This whole incident makes me feel better about myself. Like any developer, I’ve deployed some nasty bugs into production. But I’ve never completely broken a web browser relied on by millions. My heart goes out to the FF team members working to fix this.


@antonpuz β€’ 8 days

Fix that worked for me: clear all history (all checks are applied). Possibly a lighter version e.g. last 1 day would be enough, although I haven't tried it.


@jebronie β€’ 8 days

For me it only happens when Teams is also running at the same time. Anyone else?


@878654Tom β€’ 8 days

Had the problem but seems it is fixed now?


@wildcard_swe β€’ 8 days

I _just_ fixed a problem here with Firefox which didn't load _any_ sites when I fired up my computer this morning. It just hung and restarting didn't help. What I did to solve it was to navigate to about:serviceworkers and unregister everything there. Now it's back to normal again.


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