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Show HN: I made a grid based font editor and font

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  • β€’ 8 days ago

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Show HN: I made a grid based font editor and font

@martneumann β€’ 8 days

Replying to @javierbyte πŸŽ™

This is so cool.

Some suggestions:

  - I have no idea what the four buttons at the top mean
  - The edit sidebar could be a little bigger. I'd even onsider making it horizontal? (Edit: just noticed it becomes horizontal when zooming in. Nice!)
  - Undo/Redo would be nice
  - Add a little message people can use to give credit to you


@airstrike β€’ 8 days

Really cool stuff... I'm already halfway through my very own font

Would be nice to be able to edit a glyph while comparing to the current version so you can tweak it without destroying it... and then ultimately click to replace the existing glyph with the new one

Highlighting the x-height and other helper lines on the editor would also help avoiding a ton of iteration


@int_19h β€’ 7 days

This is a very nice tool for experiments with con-scripts (like Tengwar or Zbalermorna).

That said, I'm not sure I understand how the grid editor works. Is there any way to edit the existing node, instead of adding more strokes?


@browningstreet β€’ 7 days

Also worth exploring: https://fontstruct.com/


@byproxy β€’ 8 days

Doesn't seem to produce a valid font file for Windows, for what it's worth.


@bogdanoff_2 β€’ 8 days

It's cool how I can add non-ascii characters and they just work.


@mandmandam β€’ 7 days

That's some damn fine yak shaving.

Feature suggestion: Could there be a visual clue which node will be linked to if I click?


@reaperducer β€’ 8 days

I have a fascination with segmented LED and LCD fonts. This, I expect, will be a major distraction for me today.

Before everything standardized on 7-, 14-, and 16-segment displays, there were a lot of creative alternatives. A bunch of different 7, 8, 9, and 22-segs, including my favorite one: https://www.flickr.com/photos/adam_sporka/1843883266

I once owned a Fossil watch that had an ~18-segment display that displayed the time in Chinese, and drew the characters slowly. It was endlessly fascinating.

For a Christmas bonus this year, my company sent everyone indoor/outdoor weather gadgets. Enormous beautiful screen, but I keep staring at it thinking about how it could be more efficient with better fonts and fewer segments.


@jcuenod β€’ 8 days

This is awesome!


@mumintrollet β€’ 8 days

This is such a cool project! The font looks really nice as well :)


@RicoElectrico β€’ 8 days

This reminds me of Hershey plotter fonts.


@thanatos519 β€’ 8 days

Awesome! I am going to make a direct JSON renderer for the PixelBlaze!


@javierbyte β€’ 8 days

Hello HN! I wanted to make a font that I can "snap" to vertices on a grid for an upcoming project, and after starting making it I decided that it was going to be easier to iterate if I made an editor too. It uses opentype.js to generate the font and some invisible textarea tricks combined with svg for the text editor.


@chipgap98 β€’ 8 days

This is great. The ability to delete a cell without deleting the whole layer would be really helpful.


@rbanffy β€’ 8 days

I really like the font. Reminds me of the vector fonts used in computers like the Tektronix storage tube-based ones.


@trinsic2 β€’ 8 days

Nice! I have been looking for something like this for awhile. Thanks for making it.


@phkahler β€’ 8 days

This would be nice for creating vector fonts (.lff) for Librecad and/or solvespace.


@TheRealPomax β€’ 8 days

It'd be interesting to know why highlighting the font makes it highlight as a different typeface.


@Xavdidtheshadow β€’ 8 days

This is extremely cool! Being able to tweak glyphs on the right and use them on the left is pretty amazing feeling.


@popfastful β€’ 7 days

nice! the fonts knowledge is useful for you https://www.alovez.com/share/page/?id=31


@tomcam β€’ 8 days

Really fun idea, very well executed, and the font (to me) looks way better than I’d have guessed.


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