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Music industry is suing youtube-dl hosters

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Music industry is suing youtube-dl hosters

@samtheprogram 8 days

Replying to @2pEXgD0fZ5cF 🎙

I’m confused by their obsession with youtube-dl. I don’t really know anyone that pirates music, seems like streaming has really solved that with ad-supported listening. The common cases for using youtube-dl, as I understand, is for archival (mostly non-music), watching videos content out of the browser (also mostly non-music), and derivative works purposes.


@sebow 7 days

Good, let the Streisand effect flow through them.I encourage people to host youtube-dl(& it's forks) on GH, Gitlab and things like IPFS.

A tool is not piracy.This is not even an argument, let alone a stupid one ,alongside the idiocy of one who believes it.The web already becomes cancerous enough with DRM [Ex: Try installing a FOSS-only system, let's say fedora + librewolf and try playing anything w/o installing flash or drm plugins].


@crmd 8 days

The penalties for wrongful copyright assertion should be much more severe than they are today.


@2OEH8eoCRo0 7 days

How is this not just a legal use of web scraping? Google could fix this today by forcing everybody to log into YouTube.


@yeetaccount4 8 days

Entertainment industry legal shit is beyond stupid. I’ve heard of one person’s pirated music and movie collection that exceeded the GDP of most first world countries, going by the numbers the industry gets awarded in civil suits. They literally just tell the courts how much money they’d like and it gets rubber stamped.

If you have money and an army of good attorneys, you usually get what you want.


@jvanderbot 7 days

I'll never understand the logic behind 'we sent them this file, but they kept it, those evil people!'


@rcpt 8 days

Man imagine how great the world of music would be today if Napster won in court 20 years ago.


@2pEXgD0fZ5cF 8 days

I would've preferred submitting the article by netzpolitik.org [1] where I first encountered these news but as far as I am aware HN submission are required to be in english.

[1]: https://netzpolitik.org/2022/urheberrecht-musikindustrie-ver...


@yokoprime 8 days

Joke is on them as everyone is switching over to yt-dlp and other forks.


@MrDresden 7 days

Its coming to a point where the pages and code for these projects would need to be mirrored in so many places that it would simply become impractical for any entity to try to take them down, while still being easiy accessible to all who want to use them.


@anothernewdude 7 days

As if the only thing on youtube was music, or even copyrighted material.


@verholom 7 days

YouTube really somehow reacts to the use of third-party utilities for viewing video. Recently noticed that youtube-dl and vlc downloaded video stream with long delays. Stream receiving rate never exceeded 50-60 kbit/sec. One of the youtube-dl forks somehow bypasses this limitation


I hate these people so much.


@stjohnswarts 7 days

Cool, are they going to outlaw hammers next? A tool is a tool. No judge in their right mind is going to listen to these huckster corporate lawyers.


@ruffrey 7 days

Can the maintainers host it on IPFS?


@nyjah 8 days

Why is that streamers and videos on youtube can't play music but xxx web cam models are allowed to? I really don't understand it. Every cam model plays whatever their heart desires.

Might not be the best place to ask this, but its something I wonder about a lot.


@champagnois 8 days

Youtube-DL has been an incredible tool for a very long time. I have never used it for music, but I have used it for countless educational videos that I intended to use while on a subway or a transcontinental flight.

The experience of consuming media via an offline software is just infinitely better for my focus.

I would rather see Youtube die than Youtube-DL. Youtube-DL has a lot of use cases.


@j1elo 7 days

This applies: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=29622272

I would sincerely have thought that youtube-dl would be hosted on some random non-cooperative country, instead of Germany. That it wasn't, came out as a surprise to me.


@howdydoo 8 days

I use youtube-dl to download Cracking the Cryptic videos. The RIAA does not own those videos. In fact there are quite a few videos on youtube the RIAA doesn't own.


@boopmaster 7 days

I used one of these today, to download "deez nuts" and send that lovely vod as embedded in a signal message. I am not everyone, so I assume my use case would explain much of the usage pattern for the service. I am likely wrong.


@sdoering 8 days

Damn. I probably need to up my monthly fee for my different projects I host with them.

For more than 12 years now I host my web projects (nearly) exclusively with them. I really enjoy the way they are setup and structured.

You pay what 10GB of hosting is worth to you (min 1 Euro). Shared hosting without sudo. Great user support. Really helpful and real knowledgeable people actually trying to help.

I can't recommend them enough.

When I started I couldn't afford to pay more than a few bucks a month. Now using them professionally and hosting client projects there I can support them by paying more per month.

Sadly having to fight in the Hamburg doesn't help. In Germany the Hamburg court is known for their pro music industry stance.


@jevoten 7 days

So home taping was also illegal, if this lawsuit bears out? Or is "on a computer" the key difference?


@smm11 8 days

Will the music industry sue the 1978 me, with the tape recorder right next to the radio, and me holding the "record" button to catch my favorite songs (along with the banter leading right up to the first lyrics)?


@mastazi 7 days

To me, it sounds like music industry execs are not familiar with the Streisand effect. The first time I became familiar with Youtube-dl, it was during the Github DMCA PR fiasco. The number of stars for Youtube-dl increased sharply as soon as MS reviewed the decision and let them back online.


@henearkr 7 days

At the same time, "music industry" has the worst behavior in total impunity:

Like, for example, how at the beginning of January 2022, Sony Music Entertainment had got ALL the legitimate Youtube videos of the Vienna New Year's Concert forbidden to stream in Japan...

This is yet another example of abuse of the fact that Youtube, confronted with a copyright infringement report, will first just block the reported video, and only after that will consider appeals...

So now all these videos are allowed again. (took several weeks)


@can16358p 8 days

How much more cases like this do we need to switch to a decentralized (either via blockchain, torrent, IPFS or something else) so that no one can stop freedom to shre code anymore?


@jakeogh 7 days

Anyone looking for a interesting fork, checkout https://github.com/yt-dlp/yt-dlp


I bet that YouTube-dl is a tool used in some form or way in their own workflows.


@julienpalard 8 days

Next target of music industry: Firefox & Chrome, because they also allow for listening their music on Youtube.


@spacexsucks 7 days

As MrWhoseTheBoss talks about Samsumg making mashup videos of youtube reviewers videos in https://youtu.be/9V0lXIK9DZQ

It can be confirmed that someone at samsung is using youtube-dl.

All this to say this is all about retaining control for the rich execs and companies and not for the artists.

But please do think of the artist and support bandcamp and other such stores. Not these thieves because of whom even taylor had to re-record her songs


@RIAAsux 7 days

If the RIAA knew anything about music pirates they'd know we want FLAC files and you can't get that on youtube.


@nchase 7 days

They’ll never stop people from doing this unless they make it impossible to hijack audio, which doesn’t seem realistic, assuming we always have pure hardware interfaces for audio.

If these interfaces go away, the future of music won’t be nearly as much fun as it is now.


@crtasm 8 days

How accurate does the reporting from this site tend to be? The sidebar is mostly months old articles about celebrities.


@jimt1234 7 days

youtube-dl doesn't do anything that couldn't be done with a handful of curl commands; it just simplifies all the requests to the YouTube APIs. ... Oh shit, they're gonna come after curl next! LOL


@throway453sde 7 days

"youtube-dl" plugin has one neat idea with respect to tests. Both the test and the plugin code for a particular website are in the same file.If the website changes and breaks the plugin updating the tests is much easier way to fix the code. This makes sure tests are always updated, rather the other way of not updating the tests due to no incentive since the problem is already solved which leads to tests being useless.


@bmac21M 7 days

Bitcast.online solves this.


@racuna 8 days

I use youtube-dl to convert to audio some videos and listen them as a podcast in antennapod.


@mdp2021 7 days

Counter-promote the music industry. Stop feeding them etc.

Many of us had to start doing that - some, particularly as DRM made purchases unfeasible (you buy a container and it only works on a section of Pioneelips models, or it works on the PC but not in the car stereo etc).


@dzhiurgis 7 days

FWIW the best solution is for youtube to stop hosting music


@jug 8 days

The music industry and the Streisand effect is a match made in heaven. <3


@lanewinfield 7 days

I used youtube-dl to make my freeze frame twitter bot.


YouTube themselves have blocked my IP too many times so it sadly remains inoperative.


@q4Zar 7 days

128kbps loosers


@hestefisk 7 days

Just host it on IPFS :)


@ihuman 7 days

I'm confused. I thought Youtube-DL hosts their website using Github Pages?


@solarkraft 8 days

Interesting, I recommended somebody to take a look at Uberspace just yesterday. I can't personally vouch for them because I haven't had a project fitting the profile, but they seem extremely nice mostly partly due to their pricing structure.



@labrador 8 days

I hope they do take the website down as long youtube-dl stay on github. I want a high technical barrier of entry so the common folk can't conveniently rip off Billy Eilish videos. If only techies and journalists use it responsibly, then the music biz doesn't care, much like archive.is stays up because Mom and Pop don't know they can read the Wall Street Journal for free with it.


@blacklight 7 days

The more they are obsessed with taking down youtube-dl, the more they advertise it and let other people know that it exists, the more I feel like I'm doing the right thing using it on a daily basis.

Seriously, we're talking of a tool whose purpose is to download publicly available videos. What's the big deal? It's not even used for music piracy, for God's sake. I've never seen anyone download their favourite album from YouTube videos and use ffmpeg to extract the mp3s. Most of the folks just use Spotify.

So what's the big deal? That if we use youtube-dl then we don't see ads and we don't get tracked? Oohh, actually that's the whole fcking point, you know? youtube-dl pisses lots of people in the majors not because it's used to illegally download musical content (I'm pretty sure that's only an insignificant fraction of its usage), but because it hurts their "new" way of doing revenue: ads, tracking, and more ads.

And you know what? I'm more than happy to hurt such a shtty way of doing revenue!


youtube-dl is not napster.


@somat 8 days

"With the software, which is available on the code sharing platform Github, YouTube videos and music files can be downloaded without a web browser."

I could argue that the software is a web browser, admittedly one tailored around a specific use case.

I feel the music industry has to do a better job explaining how downloading a youtude video via the youtube-dl user agent is different than downloading the same video via the firefox user agent.


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