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Two decades of soldiers’ medical records implicate virus in multiple sclerosis

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Two decades of soldiers’ medical records implicate virus in multiple sclerosis

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I really wish more work was done on patients records in general. I took Cipro 10 years ago, and still suffer from some neurological and connective tissue problems. It's not as bad as it was initially but it hasn't resolved yet.

I have seen physicians in top US hospitals and tried telling them I literally suffered after 2nd dose. 2 out of 40+ physicians considered it a possibility after me questioning their thought process and educating them on the "black label" the drug has and how the warnings on it evolved over the last 10 years.

I was tested for everything else and everything was negative. This has left me pretty disappointed with the medical community in the general. I would expect doctors to inform the FDA, most adverse reactions for this drug are reported by patients.

I am active in several communities and many people presenting with idiopathic SFN, CFS, IBS, tendon issues and other neurological problems started suffering shortly after taking flouroquinolone antibiotics. The label itself states that tendon issues may show up even 12 months after last dose. After learning about this possible connection, individuals inform their doctors who just deny the possibility.

Just to add these antibiotics can and have saved peoples lives, however, it is no longer recommended as a first line medication due to high risk of ADRs. Last year I had stomach pain, and doctor said maybe take cipro just in case......I was visibly upset as 1. I'm allergic, 2. I don't have a confirmed infection 3. It should not be a first line treatment.


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In Australia circa late 1980s I had a friend come down with ME (same group of conditions as MS) due to the decision of the parents to spray pesticides in the family home. I believe the American chemical company selling the "safe" chemicals settled out of court.

People, remember: pesticides are generally highly potent nervous system poisons. They are therefore most dangerous to young children owing to their developmental stage. Where feasible, feed young kids organic food and keep them away from all forms of pesticide. Risk lessens greatly in adults.


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