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Ask HN: I'm addicted to coding, how do I learn marketing? Got tangible advice?

I'm the sort of person who builds and builds and builds and builds.

I've built many SAAS services but none have succeeded.

The thing I've never done is marketing - everyone says this is why none of my projects have succeeded.

I feel certain that marketing isn't just one simple thing - I must be looking for marketing advice as it relates to SAAS applications in the modern world - 2020/2021/2022.

It feels extremely hard to learn marketing because it's all so intangible.

So, exactly how do I learn marketing? What do I read?

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  • 8 days ago

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Ask HN: I'm addicted to coding, how do I learn marketing? Got tangible advice?

@pabs3 8 days

Replying to @andrewstuart 🎙

Avoid marketing, switch your coding to contributing to existing successful projects like the Linux kernel.


@jka 7 days

Congratulations on finding something you enjoy (I hope?) - honing your craft should prove to be a valuable way to spend your time.

I have an opinion based on the idea that we each market our own skills and talents, and that that is what leads customers to communities and services (in other words, there is an entire segment of the market that cares about purchasing from good people -- even when the product needs more work).

If that resonates with you, then I think community participation is the best way to build your personal brand. Work with other people, demonstrate the talents and abilities that you have, and try to improve not only your own abilities and behaviours, but those of the community as well. Doing that can be tricky because we don't always see our own faults, and communicating people's faults to them can be fraught.

Probably not the type of answer you were expecting; there's plenty written about traditional marketing strategies, so I won't attempt to duplicate those.


@ssss11 8 days

Why not find a co-founder with complimentary skills such as marketing?


@idiocrat 8 days

Do "spear dive" fishing, instead of "rod and lure" fishing.

Find paying customers, who are willing to give you cash for you to solve them their problems.

This will require lots of listening and problem analysis, before proposing a software solution.

Unfortunately for _you_, many real world problems are rooted not in lack of software, but in the internal disorganization of your customer and therefore their dirty data.


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