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Yep, I created the new Avatar font

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Yep, I created the new Avatar font

@behnamoh 16 days

Replying to @krustyburger 🎙

I have the same feeling about Calibri. When someone just picks whatever font came with MS Word/PowerPoint, it just makes me judge all the other decisions that they made in the project.

Maybe it's just me, but it genuinely disgusts me to see Calibri because it's not crispt and has some of the worst curvatures I've seen on a font.


@ChrisArchitect 16 days



@dmitriid 16 days

Given all the care that went into Avatar: the languages, the culture, the visuals, it's absolutely baffling how careless Cameron was about two things:

- the font

- and, most importantly, the music:

Creating the Music of the Na’vi in James Cameron’s Avatar: An Ethnomusicologist’s Role, https://ethnomusicologyreview.ucla.edu/journal/volume/17/pie... from one of the people who tried to create a truly unique music for Avatar. And then simply rejected by Cameron.

Why Avatar has the Most Ironic Soundtrack of All Time by Sideways, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tL5sX8VmvB8


@juanci_to 15 days

I'm recently seeing more content than usual about that movie. It was pretty much forgotten but now that it has a sequel on the way is something to talk about again?

The font looks nice though


@froh 16 days

As I had to search for the SNL avatar papyrus thing here it is:



@dandigangi 16 days

Heh, got scared it was going to be Papyrus


@yumraj 16 days

The Papyrus skit is funny, but am unclear is there an issue with using Papyrus? Is Papyrus not a good font?

I'm not getting it. In other words why was the skit made?


@tadfisher 16 days

Tribal, yet futuristic. Love it!


@mark-r 16 days

I loved the link to the SNL skit. Agree it's a fantastic performance by Ryan Gosling. The funniest part for me though is how it ended with Comic Sans, the only font in the universe more reviled than Papyrus.


@lastdong 16 days

Story is not very original, dull even, lots of clichés. True story, the person sitting next to me in the cinema fell asleep, well I almost did too. I really didn’t get all the hype around it. After re-watching it, some scenes are nonetheless great.

3D was ok, but if I remember correctly mostly a window into the world and not many scenes where the elements jump out of the screen into the our side of the room.

Released around the same time, A Christmas Carol was a great film in that regard - spectacular 3D experience.

Edit: The font looks great, really liked the article.


@recursivequine 15 days

I love how you can’t distinguish lI| in that font. Very futuristic to have that relic of the past!


@eternityforest 16 days

It's absolutely a beautiful font.

I actually really like Papyrus(And it's only Libre clone AFAIK, Qualitype QTPandora), but this feels a little more solid and impactful.


@everyone 16 days

Those aged/distressed fonts with little nicks / chunks missing / broken bits, look fine until there are two or more of the same letter in a sentence. Then I cant help but notice that the same letters are aged/distressed in exactly the same way.. It seems like a really obvious issue that clearly undermines the effect they are going for.


@mikl 16 days

You monster (j/k).

Nice font work. I’ll be greatly surprised if the Avatar sequels gain anything like the popularity the first movie had, but at least it won’t be because they used Papyrus.


@Sophistifunk 16 days

This is why movies cost so damned much and we're stuck with nothing but reboots, sequels, rehashes, and spinoffs, because the money people need a sure thing with this kind of expenditure.


@zeckalpha 16 days

Looks like the Legend of Korra logo!


@webmaven 16 days

The new typeface is nice, providing the required feel without succumbing to cliche, but now whoever is actually using it to typeset titles isn't doing any kerning! This makes the title look like it is supposed to be "Avata R" (the typographer almost certainly did create proper kerning in the font, but as soon as you start messing with different sizes and increasing the tracking, the kerning is going to have to be adjusted as well, and that wasn't done).

It's like James Cameron said "Fine! I won't let my guy I had make the titles last time choose the font, we'll have a new font made. But I want the my guy to do the rest of the title work, because he'll still do it for just a crew jacket."


Anyway, I quite appreciate the WIP sketches, it makes it plain what the influences are: the bones of the letters are somewhat reminiscent of typefaces like Lithos or Penumbra, and the slight blobbiness of terminals and serifs (which might otherwise be classified as either wedge or flare serifs) subtly recall both Papyrus and some "runic" typefaces. The "runic" influence shows up in some other details as well, like the 'v' of the A's crossbar. The rejected "too extreme" lowercase has a hint of Fraktur or something similar.

Like Papyrus, though, this is most certainly a display font. I hope the designer gets to create a toned-down text version that will be usable for subtitles, fixing the other poor typography decision made in the first movie.


@whywhywhywhy 16 days

But Papyrus was already the perfect typeface. It has the same sense of un-earned superiority of Avatar but is ultimately terrible, just like Avatar.


@amelius 16 days

Anyone else having "font fatigue"? I just can't tell whether a font is new or not. They all look like they came from some standard stock library that everybody already uses.


@kadomony 16 days

Yo, fix that kerning, dawg.


@OtomotO 16 days

Well, the story was basically Pocahontas on an alien planet.

There wasn't anything original to the plot, so...

Technically it was good, but I only watched it once, I see films, just like I read books: for the story


@jonny_eh 16 days

Papyrus 2.0

Looks nice!


@gitpusher 16 days

Looks great. Although it could really use a "tt" ligature. Just look at the names "Scott" and "Letteri" and you'll see what I mean


@no-dr-onboard 16 days

The body text font for this blog post is hard to read.

I can't tell if that's ironic or not.


@christkv 16 days

Lol I love the following line from that sketch

> He just highlighted Avatar, he clicked the drop down menu and then he randomly selected Papyrus. Like a thoughtless child just wandering by a garden yanking leaves along the way.


@paxys 16 days

"I don't even think this is Papyrus. They clearly modified it."

"Whatever they did, it wasn't enough!"


@Andrew_nenakhov 16 days

Should have just used Papyrus. Now we'll never have a sequel to that SNL sketch.


@gkoberger 16 days

A lot of times, the issue isn't the font... it's ubiquity and misuse.

Comic Sans, for example, was literally for speech bubbles for a comic book dog.

Papyrus was created by a 23 year old who was reading the Bible and wanted to translate the feel to a computer.


@Kaibeezy 16 days

@sporkland 16 days

I wish they had secretly released the font and got it widely adopted a year or so ahead, to ensure we could get a second SNL skit.


@westcort 16 days

Obligatory: “I know what you did!”


@kixiQu 16 days

I use a "textured" font on my website (https://fonts.google.com/specimen/IM+Fell+English, see https://maya.land) and it bothers me all the time that the deformations repeat across letters -- like cracked stone ones where the cracks are the same on every "a"? Because I think mine's simple enough, eventually I'm going to figure out how to get a similar effect with an SVG filter like the "xerox" one on https://endtimes.dev/.


@lupire 16 days

That web page font is so harsh on my eyes, hard to read.

Also, "tribal" is a weird choice of word. What is the intended meaning?


@berkeleyjunk 16 days

I really got excited and thought this was about the other (IMHO better) Avatar


But this font looks cool too.


@imwillofficial 16 days

That video was awesome, and this article was a great read. I would like a deeper dive on your choices, this is an interesting topic.


@evantahler 16 days

@oldstrangers 16 days

I just keep calling it Papyrus Black. A definite improvement though.


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