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Ask HN: Does anyone here make a living only from internet gigs?

I've a stable career, and get paid decently.

But I don't feel engaged, and feel trapped on meetings etc.

I'm thinking about going full freelance and start with gigs in crypto economy, like hackathons, bounties on gitcoin etc.

Is anyone here making a living this way?

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Ask HN: Does anyone here make a living only from internet gigs?

@twox2 1 month

Replying to @metageneralist 🎙

Last year I made much more than my day job creating NFT projects. This year things have slowed down, but it's still nice. I know multiple people that have quit their full time jobs to do this kind of work, but it's not really "gigging", it's more like a full time job where you're a self employed creative techie. Feels risky, fun, rewarding, and anxiety inducing. I recommend keeping it as a side gig.


@Komodai 1 month

Funny guy


@ubicomp 1 month

I do. I started during the pandemic. I used to give speeches a various conferences and write books before, but there’s more than enough gig work in crypto now that I can work for several DAOs at a time. It’s a lot different, and there are rarely meetings. Most work is done on Discord, and the organizational mechanics are more Tao-like and less ego-focused. I’ve really worked to find the right DAOs and I’ve had to re-work my brain to do well in this space, but I’ll never sit through a terrible meeting again. One where nothing gets done. Most everything on Discord has a purpose, and the emoji reactions really help reward contributions. It’s all small details that add up to a larger sense of fulfillment. The pay is twice what I was paid for full time before. I also work about part time most weeks. Sometimes I work odd hours on a launch.


@typetheorist 1 month

ISPs, I'd imagine, make a pretty good living off of internet gigs. Internet megs even in some cases.


@BatmansMom 1 month

man I wish


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