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Show HN: No-Code SQL Builder

Hey everyone!

I built a tool to help you visually build SQL queries - if you write a lot of SQL at work (or help people write it), check it out!

You can try it out without needing to sign up, or integrate with any databases.

Would love all your thoughts!

Link: https://craftsql.com/

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  • 7 days ago

  • @craftsquick
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Show HN: No-Code SQL Builder

@dirslashls 7 days

Replying to @craftsquick 🎙

Nice work and great use of React Flow.

What level of sophisticated queries can be created with it? For example, can it do "Top N and Other"? Which BTW, was recently added for SQL Frames ( https://sqlframes.com/docs/data_sets/top_n_other_sets )

Most of these visual SQL builders I have seen only tackle the basic level of SQL. I am interested in an advanced SQL builder myself to plug as a no-code SQL builder to front the SQL Frames API.


@mritchie712 7 days

Replying to @craftsquick 🎙

Why did you decide not to connect to the database and pull the schema info automatically? If you don't want to connect, you could write a query against the information_schema to give to your users to run and paste the results back into craft.


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