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Show HN: 1,900 remote company profiles with tech stacks and employee benefits

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  • β€’ 5 days ago

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Show HN: 1,900 remote company profiles with tech stacks and employee benefits

@cjg β€’ 5 days

Replying to @AbiTyasTunggal πŸŽ™

Seems like a site that I would like to use, but it didn't solve my problems.

I wanted to be able to only see companies that were willing to hire people that live in the country that I live in.

Searching by tech was potentially useful, but didn't really work. I had a large list of companies returned, a sample of which said they used that technology, but didn't have any jobs using it. It needs to be a filter on jobs not on the company - and also a critical technology on that job.

Filtering by benefit seemed a bit pointless. Why would one particular benefit be make or break? What if another company was paying twice as much, but didn't have that benefit - would it still be interesting?


@marban β€’ 5 days

Which API is this plugging into? Looking up just one job description, I get like twenty sites with the same position.


@careersaas β€’ 5 days

This is a similar service to ours - https://app.careersaas.com/portal, except we scrape the web looking for remote jobs.


@eastbound β€’ 5 days

It’s awesome!

But, like every tool smoothening transactions, it reduces comparisons to number crushing and reduces the margins of profit both ways. And in HR, those margins are the human perks, like working with a team we like, or liking the functional aspect of what we produce, or liking the management. If we reduce every job to a stack and HR advantages, then motivations get relegated to second place.

Obviously, there is also the dark aspect that HR margins are also (and mostly) when some becomes dad and is stuck in his job, location and skills. Then, the company unduly profits.


@ksen938 β€’ 5 days

Love the design and how easy it is to use. The site is also fast. Feels like job boards are a category of product that lends themselves to niche offerings (although arguably remote jobs is a pretty big niche). The biggest job board in Australia is seek.com.au and it still sucks, so more power to you guys.


@andresp β€’ 5 days

It would be extremely useful to be able to filter per country, as not all remote opportunities are available in all countries, but I guess a feature like this would have to involve data submission from the companies themselves.


@jokethrowaway β€’ 5 days

Filtering by salary ranges in the home page would go a long way


@czechdeveloper β€’ 5 days

It is cool that countries are listed at detail, but filter by country would be very useful.


@urthor β€’ 5 days

Got one of these for in person software roles (of good quality)?

They're getting thin on the ground lately.


@thesuitonym β€’ 5 days

Maybe I'm missing it, but it would be nice to be able to filter by job. I'm not particularly interested in Web Design or Sales roles, but I didn't see a way to filter those out.

Cool site, though. I'll definitely keep it in my bookmarks for when I'm ready to move on from my current company.


@rich_sasha β€’ 5 days

OT, but can anyone recommend a similar service not directed at SE? A friend is trying to find a remote job, but likely in HR/BD, can anyone recommend a similar service?

This is already good, it lists non-software jobs, but it seems software is clearly, and understandably, the focus.


@glitchcrab β€’ 5 days

I'm not sure of the method you're using to obtain this data, but the listing for the company I work for has a wildly inaccurate tech stack. It's also pretty out of date on the open careers, you show one opening (which we're not even hiring for) - we have 12 open positions at the moment.


@yboris β€’ 5 days

I love that there is also a 4-day workweeks category under "Benefits" you can toggle! 4DWW FTW!


@mrpotato β€’ 5 days

More feedback:

- Order your dropdown alphabetically, it makes them easier to read and find information you care about.

- (On jobs page) Type of work has a select all button but all values are selected by default. Change Select All to Select None otherwise you have to click a bunch of times to get just the one you care about. Actually, now that I look at it, make it like the other dropsdowns. Have a Clear button, have nothing selected (with selects everything).

- Searching for a tag in Job title or keyword (like C#) pulls up irrelevant jobs

- Searching companies by country would be great (I think someone else mentioned this)

- Also consider adding more filtering dropdowns for companies to help people determine available values for example: Primary Industry, Benefits, Job Type (ie list all companies with openings for DevOps)


@shafyy β€’ 5 days

What's the best place to get started looking for entry level web dev jobs? Even internships? Asking for my partner, who is transitioning from environmental science to software development.


@nokeya β€’ 5 days

UX problem - order in tech stack dropdown looks like to be random. It will be more sane and much easier to search needed tech visually if it was ordered alphabetically.


@rapsey β€’ 5 days

Searching by tech stack is only useful if they advertise for jobs in that tech stack.


@Aeolun β€’ 5 days

What I want is non-startups hiring remote. These companies all look like jolly fun, but I need a bit more stability.


@pete_nic β€’ 5 days

What is your methodology to collect the tech stack data? Some things seem easy to identify, eg Google Analytics, and others much harder, eg back office like Microsoft Excel.


@bruxis β€’ 5 days

Just a bit of feedback: The first job I saw on the page proclaimed "48 tech stacks" which immediately horrified me. That is, until I clicked on it and realized it's 48 different pieces of tech used at the company; including Microsoft Excel, GitHub, Git (listed separately), Zoom, among others.

I feel like there's probably a simpler and less intimidating way to organize and represent this up-front.


@lawgimenez β€’ 5 days

I wonder how did you retrieve all this data? Including the internal tools of each company.


@ryanSrich β€’ 5 days

I like the concept.

I almost built a slightly similar website as a side project, but never found the time to actually do it. The idea was similar (to include the tech stack and benefits), but I was going to focus entirely on work culture and communication as the differentiator to other job boards.

I never could figure out how I'd get companies to be up front and honest about that information. The reason I wanted to build this was because I really wanted to find jobs that didn't have any scheduled internal meetings, no expectations of a set work schedule, no expectations of participating in work "social" events, and no expectations of commuting into an office. Basically an entirely (or 80% at least) async job.

In the end, I never built that job board, and I never found that job. So I ended up founding a company that works like that instead.


@james-skemp β€’ 5 days

How about a toggle to hide companies that have no open positions? Search was for .NET stack.


@sjamaan β€’ 5 days

On the linked subpage with tech stacks, I don't see a way to filter for country. This is relevant because even though it's 100% remote, there are different tax rules or even difficulties working in certain countries.

Also, cool to see CHICKEN Scheme mentioned under tech stacks. Too bad there are no matching jobs (yet) :(


@oarfish β€’ 5 days

This doesn't seem to be useful for job seekers currently, or am I misunderstanding the UI? I can show companies that use a given tech stack (among dozens of others), but not jobs that use it?


@rapsey β€’ 5 days

It would be useful to filter companies not in a certain industry. For instance Rust has a ton of jobs in crypto. A lot of people refuse to work in that space.


@c-fe β€’ 5 days

Looks nice, one problem I have encountered is that I dont have much work experience so I am looking specifically for non-senior software engineering, but other than explicitly mentioning junior, I found no way to search specifically for non-senior entries and most entries I found so far are all for senior positions.


@ffgh β€’ 5 days

Nice design, how was the transition between Untitled UI to tailwindcss/code?


@mmaurizi β€’ 5 days

I'm wondering if the opposite exists - I'm looking for a job board that will let me search for office-based companies (preferably hybrid 2-3 days in the office).

It seems like every senior role I've looked at offers 100% remote as an option, but spending the rest of my career on Zoom meetings is just wildly unappealing to me.


@melkael β€’ 5 days

Your app broke my Back Button on iOs (safari)


@ricardobayes β€’ 5 days

Why is there no way to filter for location? Every one I clicked on had a different requirement (US/Canada/AU-NZ)


@pmlnr β€’ 5 days


The results kick in as "US only"


@phgn β€’ 5 days

I wish I could filter by employee count! I'm done with big-company BS.


@giantg2 β€’ 5 days

Very cool. Any plan to expand to non-remote companies? It could also be cool to collaborate with levels.fyi to create a one stop shop. Although maybe that's more work than it's worth.


@jrib β€’ 5 days

Another feature request: ability to filter by company size :)


@Dave3of5 β€’ 5 days

One big point about remote companies is that most companies even if they are remote still want employees that are in a similar time zone. So if you're in Japan it's unlikely a European company will hire you as the times zones are so different you essentially never be able to communicate with each other in real time.

This means that you should have something on this job board to indicate where they want to hire people from otherwise it's completely useless.


@Vladimof β€’ 5 days

The tech stack drop-down appears to dynamically load an infinite number of software as you scroll down?


@shman β€’ 5 days

Similar idea to my https://remoteindex.co/remote-companies (shameless plug). On RI I focus more on "remote work quality". I will need to research how they found tech stack, it's really interesting. Besides that, well executed idea. I like it, gives me a lot of inspiration.


@mtreis86 β€’ 5 days

I searched for Clojure as a tech stack and none of the top dozen companies mention Clojure anywhere in their jobs listings.


@0daystock β€’ 5 days

No salary information? I'm struggling to understand why someone would care at all about a "$1000 budget for your home office" when looking for six-figure and up jobs. It's work: the most important question to me is how much are you going to pay for my time? To me, everything else is secondary, bordering on irrelevant.


@lucideer β€’ 5 days

When the headline is "remote companies", but they typically have a list of countries you can work from, I would've expected the filter option to allow filtering by a subset of countries you're resident in.


@supersync β€’ 5 days

This is fantastic. I’d love to chat with you about it. Super powerful to have intel on the tech stack. Might be a bigger opp for you in RevOps. I’m on Twitter @briansowards or your can find email in bio.


@arusahni β€’ 5 days

Neat idea! It would also be nice to be able to exclude certain "stacks" - e.g., I want nothing to do with cryptocurrency.


@golergka β€’ 5 days

Why is this data so focused on benefits and not salaries? Everything that company would buy for me I would buy myself if they only paid me enough.


@omarhaneef β€’ 5 days

It would be great to see the stats on the stacks.

What is the adoption of the django vs rails or whatever in the sample size?

Is there a difference between companies that reach Series A, B? etc?

Is there a difference in valuation? (On the theory that stack X helped the team iterate faster)

Does it matter what the vertical is? (For instance, are data science companies more successful if they use a pythonic stack?)

p.s. if you don't want to release the data to internet sleuths, you might consider putting out articles like this as content marketing. People will definitely criticize you for your weak study that ignores their favorite factor, but it would be for fun.


@aantix β€’ 5 days

Benefits are pennies relative to compensation.

I’d rather see anonymous compensation submissions.

Or aggregate offers from Blind app.


@vanillax β€’ 5 days

Startups are not safe right now unless you are ok with the high risk of losing your job.


@jasfi β€’ 5 days

The web design is really good, that was the first thing I noticed. I then found that it's built by one of the co-founders and is called Untitled UI: https://www.untitledui.com


@Thorentis β€’ 5 days

Could've been called himalayers since its dealing with the stack of layers!


@hedwall β€’ 5 days

Nice work, would be awesome if I could filter on country.


@DeathArrow β€’ 5 days

Is this for US only?


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