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Show HN: YouCode, a Search Engine for Coding

Hi Hacker News,

We're Bryan and Richard, cofounders of you.com. Together with our team of engineers, we are working on YouCode, a search engine for people who code. You can try it at code.you.com. The main idea is to make the search experience better and more efficient when coding. We’d love your feedback for a few use cases that we have in mind so far:

* searching through StackOverflow for quick code snippets: reverting a git commit for example [1]

* searching through GitHub Issues: when you’re getting an error message that looks unfamiliar [2, 3]

* searching through the documentation for quick reference: PyTorch [4], HuggingFace [5], Docker, PyPi, AWS, MDN, and several others

* searching for walkthroughs, tutorials, tips, and quick intros to a new subject: Medium [6], Tutorials Point, Geeks for Geeks, and others as well

* searching for utilities: code completion (from a large language model that writes code) [7], JSON validator/formatter [8]

* searching for relevant discussions and projects: HackerNews [9], ArXiv [10], Github Repos [11]

* changing preferences in the account dropdown menu so that you can influence which sources you get answers from

* doing all of this from VS Code: we made an extension to make that easier [12]

YouCode is still a work in progress — we’re adding new apps each week and improving the search results — and we would love your feedback. Where do Google or other search engines leave you wanting more when it comes to coding searches? Which sources do you go to when you can’t get what you need from Google and others? What other utilities and use cases would you like to see? How else can we make this better?

If you find something that we can improve, apps that you’d want to see, or a search query didn’t give you a good result, please let us know! We’re here to answer any questions!

Richard and Bryan

[1] https://code.you.com/search?q=revert+a+git+commit

[2] https://code.you.com/search?q=MLflowCallback+to+log+run_name...

[3] https://code.you.com/search?q=onnxruntime+segfault

[4] https://code.you.com/search?q=pytorch+isnan

[5] https://code.you.com/search?q=huggingface+transformers

[6] https://code.you.com/search?q=git+rebase+interactive

[7] https://code.you.com/search?q=%23+this+function+sorts+a+list...

[8] https://code.you.com/search?q=json+validator

[9] https://code.you.com/search?q=show+hn

[10] https://code.you.com/search?q=attention+is+all+you+need

[11] https://code.you.com/search?q=pytorch+examples

[12] https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=youdotco...

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Show HN: YouCode, a Search Engine for Coding

@jbieberhypeman 7 days

Replying to @richardsocher 🎙

this is really cool. pretty solid search results for some esoteric developer queries.


@frodoswaggins 7 days

I don't know what I was expecting but this exceeded my expectations. Really cool!!!


@JSONderulo 7 days

Ok, You.com just made my workflow so much easier. You all have been great for technical searches, but this is next level. Great job, Richard and Bryan.


@chiken 7 days

Much wow. I like how all the coding apps are easily accessible, saving me time from jumping between tabs. Search across different sites through apps according to a query is nice. Good job you.com team!


@ChrisRR 6 days

Every one of these comments is suspiciously similar.

Most of them are from accounts who've only ever posted one comment, and two are from accounts that exclusively comments about you.com

Share your product by all means, but don't resort to faking your comments


@anime55555 7 days

Wow, I am impressed, I use StackOverflow a lot and always find it hard to actually find the answers, this 'open side panel' feature is a game-changer -boom right to the results. Great job!


@qwe123qwe 7 days

Slowly getting used to the top bar and the rest of the layout.. Quickly tried the json validator link. I'd say its helpful and fun; although display of the json viewer could be a bit better.


@megazord9001 7 days

Creating a search engine to appeal to developers is something that’s sorely lacking today.

It’s phenomenal to see products like this to serve the needs of this growing population. Great stuff.


@dostojevski1 7 days

Really like that side panel view and ability to copy coding snippets directly from search engine


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