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Show HN: Shoprocket.io – Turn any website into a shop in seconds

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Show HN: Shoprocket.io – Turn any website into a shop in seconds

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We recently launched Shoprocket 2.0 and wanted to share it with the HN community.

Shoprocket is the easiest way to sell online via your existing website, blog, landing pages etc in minutes.

You can signup, add your products, connect YOUR preferred gateway (currently Stripe, PayPal and offline payments, with more coming soon) configure your shipping/taxes and then embed Shoprocket directly into your page, wherever you want your products to appear.

We don't use iFrames, so every element becomes part of your site, meaning you have control over the look & feel.

What makes us different?

1. Headless - manage your store via our hosted dashboard, then display your products where ever you like. Your website, blog, landing pages, and soon your social channels too.

2. Speed - Shoprocket is the fastest shopping cart available, with no loading screens or page loads between checkout steps: https://shoprocket.io/help/faq/will-shoprocket-slow-down-my-... (loading screens may still be displayed at your gateway level)

3. Payments - most platforms will process payments on your behalf, then send you the funds minus their fees. With Shoprocket, payments are processed via your own gateway account, meaning you get 100% of your funds, instantly. This also allows you to specify which payment methods to support, as well as manage your own fraud prevention rules etc.

We're a small, remote team, fully bootstrapped, but we've already helped 24,495 sellers process $18,436,482.52 in orders.

Here's a few example stores:

https://yolsandals.com/en/shop/ - using our buy buttons and shopping cart embed

https://www.ioanna.no/shop/ - full page of products, also offering Klarna as a payment option

https://www.scootered.co.uk/lamborghini-al1-electric-scooter... - static HTML page with Shoprocket embeds

https://theclinkcharity.org/shop - embedded a full page of products with filters etc

https://www.pizza-gifts.co.uk/ - Dominos selling gift cards (They uploaded a list of "serial codes" and we send one automatically to each customer once payment is confirmed)

Happy to answer any questions, I'm pretty terrible at explaining all that Shoprocket does (there's a lot ) so please do let me know if anything isn't clear!


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