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Show HN: SVG Stencils

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Show HN: SVG Stencils

@mipselaer 4 days

Replying to @mipselaer 🎙

Hi HN,

Lots of people are willing to share there visual work for others to use and remix. This is great! There are thousands of stencils and component libraries out there. There is a problem though. You share your work in a closed ecosystem, the ecosystem of the design software you use. Sketch, Figma, one of the many Adobe's, OmniGraffle, you name it.

To address this problem I started the SVG Stencils Project. SVG Stencils is a community driven project with the ambition to be an ecosystem for every designer, no mather what software or platform you use. As long as you can drag an SVG-file from your browser into your canvas you're good to go.

The core part of SVG Stencils is the webapp hosted on GitHub. The SVG-components listed here can be dragged directly from your browser into your canvas.

In a nutshell:

- SVG Stencils are free for personal and commercial use - SVG Stencils and all its content will stay forever free and open source - Everyone can contribute by creating and submitting new stencils - Inkscape Extension for creating and publishing stencils - Good documentation

Hope you like it and I'm very excited to hear what you think off SVG Stencils.

PS. If your from New Zealand, sorry for the world map without NZ. I'll replace this one ASAP.


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