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Ask HN: My friend's Instagram account got phished

A close friend of mine recently had their Instagram account hacked. Pretty vanilla stuff - they were tricked into clicking a link in a DM from a friend's account that turned out to have been compromised. Via this link the phishers got his password, promptly changed his email and phone number, and are now busy churning out crypto scam nonsense via his DMs, story posts, you name it!

I'd helped my friend set up 2FA on their email and other socials in the past, but this one must have slipped through the cracks, so the password compromise let them take over the kingdom.

Any human review of his account would be able to tell in a matter of seconds that it's a textbook account hack, but he's emailed the formal support channels to no avail so far. If anyone works for Instagram and can help, he (and I) would really appreciate the help as his account dates back to 2012 and of course, the photos aren't backed up! Thanks for reading.

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Ask HN: My friend's Instagram account got phished

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