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Show HN: Search engine for software eng blogs and technical content

Sodha is a micro search engine focused on software engineering with an index hand-curated(ish) with several hundred blogs and resources.

The motivation behind it is that there is a lot of great content written by engineers in personal/company blogs, niche websites, and even by big tech in some of their more obscure doc/devrel pages. And I wanted a way to quickly access that by topic.

Vaguely inspired by ArxivSanity and HackerNews :)

I've only been working on this for a couple of weeks, but would love to get your thoughts HN! Some ideas I have (beyond indexing more pages) are: adding similarity/recommendations, fully automate the crawler, and allowing voting/ranking or some similar mechanism.

Content wise: there's a lot that should be on here, but it's a modest start so far. If you have suggestions please let me know here: https://a.sodha.dev/suggest

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Show HN: Search engine for software eng blogs and technical content

@knowmad 6 days

Replying to @0x9b 🎙

This is awesome! Great work.

The only thing that's stopping me from bookmarking the site to use for all my technical searches, is the lack of a time filter. The first search I did resulted in a blog post from 2017. Sadly in the world of software I usually have to use the "past year" filter to get useful results.

This would be amazing if it had a time filter with: - past week - past month - past 6 months - past year


@msarrel 6 days

Replying to @0x9b 🎙

I tried your site out and it is fast and found good results for what I searched for. Thanks?


@jeauxlb 6 days

Replying to @0x9b 🎙

I visited the link to suggest some missing sites but received a modal I can't get rid of without accepting cookie tracking:

Approve third-party cookies

In development and staging instances, Clerk uses third-party Javascript cookies to manage user sessions. The browser you're using requires us to request explicit permission to use third-party cookies.


@annagrigoryan2 7 days

Replying to @0x9b 🎙

actually neat idea!

Google is worse and worse for finding useful information and I think that community curation can be a better way to find knowledge.

actually here's an article i like on that topic https://future.a16z.com/the-future-of-search-is-boutique/

I'd say you don't need ranking in the sense that it is done in Google now. You need to able to make clusters of information based on searches and let people dig in.

like "react keynotes" or "routing in react".


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