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Show HN: Fruits – Sell digital products via your website, newsletter, etc

Hi HN!

Whilst trying to build an online community for content creators, we failed! Taking the learnings and stripping down our product to a true MVP, we now started working on "fruits", which allows creators to sell files such as ebooks, designs, checklists, music and online coachings online in less than two minutes.


It works as simple as this:

1. upload a file at "fruits" & set a price 2. you will receive your individual fruits-sales-link 3. share the link wherever your customers are (e.g. website, newsletter, social media)

In addition, we also take care of the tedious office work such as invoicing and VAT collection for you, and this is completely automated.

What do you think? We are looking forward to your feedback!

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  • 8 days ago

  • @peteconcrete
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Show HN: Fruits – Sell digital products via your website, newsletter, etc

@fxtentacle 8 days

Replying to @peteconcrete 🎙

How does this differ from Gumroad?


@Hackbraten 8 days

As a creator of digital products: great site, congrats!

As a consumer: PayPal only? I’m outta here. I don’t like my money randomly frozen on a whim.

Are you folks planning to offer Giropay for the consumer side? That’s pretty much the only payment service I can use nowadays.


@divbzero 8 days

Does licensing relate to what Fruits currently offers, or will offer eventually? Or is licensing a separate responsibility and decision for the creator?


@Trigalti 8 days

How do you deal with KYC / Money laundering practices?


@trh0awayman 8 days

Can anyone in Germany use this as an individual? For example, I have an office job. If I write a song/comic book, can I just start using this platform or do I need to do some tax nonsense/form a company?


@ThePhysicist 8 days

Happy to see a startup from Germany here, way to go folks! Also I wasn't aware you can now add a description and post a link to an external website here, that's quite helpful.


@FlyingAvatar 8 days

I love the simplicity.

How are things like fraud and chargebacks handled? With collecting money being this easy, I immediately worry about how it would be abused.


@closedloop129 8 days

Is €0.49 for bookkeeping a competitive price? For a €1.99 product, that's more than the paypal fees at €0.40.

Apart from bookkeeping in their own system, paypal also has to handle fraud and regulatory obligations. How can they be cheaper?


@damir 8 days

Congrats on the launch!

But IMO payment service and the term "Sidehustler" (in About us part) don't fit well together... ;)


@ramesh31 8 days

People are 100% going to sell drugs with this.


@pcmill 8 days

What is the "bookkeeping" fee in the price calculator for? https://fruits.de/en/payment/price-calculator


@deadcoder0904 5 days

this is awesome. how is it different from paddle.com or getrevin.com? it looks like a merchant of record :)


@omitmyname 8 days

Could you show an example of how it will look like


@andyjih_ 8 days

My immediate thought is that people will use this to sell pirated and/or illegal goods. I’m curious how you plan to address this issue?


@quinncom 7 days


Can I use it to sell software registration codes that are generated by an API I run from my server?

After a user clicks to purchase my item, Fruits would call my API with a preconfigured shared secret, the API responds with a unique code, then Fruits gives this to the buyer. Can it do that?


@dan1234 8 days

I made a little test file & purchase - how do I actually get paid?

First impressions are that it seems very expensive for smaller purchases - my $2.00 turned into $0.56 (and then I'll have currency fees as GBP wasn't an option).


@mstolpm 8 days

Congrats on your launch! But honestly, your site gives me some huge red flags regarding your service:

You don't have a legally valid "Impressum" on fruits.de: It points to fanbase.com and that one isn't even mentioning fruits.de. So, as a German startup, it seems you're at least bending German and EU law by not providing the information necessary for proving services on the domain fruits.de. And as a result, as a potential user, I can't trust you with my business.

Moreover, I couldn't find information about your "sales tax" claim. You know better than me that selling digital products in the EU and across borders can be kind of tricky, depending on what you are selling (e.g. ebook vs software), if you're selling B2B or B2C, and depending on the origin of your customer. As a user, I'd need much more information about how you handle this and the bookkeeping you mentioned, but it somehow looks like you're relying on PayPal as the payment gateway and are not handling sales tax / USt by yourself?

And no: As someone looking for a simple solution to sell my digital products, I don't want do book a consultation for answers to the questions above.


@scanny 8 days

Cool to see a München based startup popup here! Nice going neighbour :)


@smarri 6 days

Congrats on the MVP. I got a test of your service up and running very quickly and smoothly. The biggest feature request for me would be simple custom branding to make the user journey look good when connecting from my website. I'm less concerned about the tax situation, I see that as my/the users problem and not yours.


@iamzamek 8 days

Why did you decide on .de domain? I think more global domain would be better.


@pg5 8 days

I like the idea, but I would expect your PayPal business account to get banned pretty quickly without a more rigorous sign up process to prevent illegal content from being sold.


@dmix 8 days

The create page is nice but the first thing I always look for is a demo. Stripe always provides these on their pages.


@jameshart 8 days

Immediate feedback on your simple ‘step 1 - 2 - 3’ explanation…

It’s great to reduce the steps down to so few, but I feel like you’re missing an explanation of the follow up steps where a customer pays for a thing, and the money gets to me.


@SnowHill9902 8 days

If you are selling digital goods why put yourself within Germany? Do it from Gibraltar or Luxembourg.


@4lejandrito 8 days

It made me really sad not to see the developers' avatars on the "About us" section. It seems they are not part of the team, but they're the ones answering questions here.

Other than that, great product!


@LudwigNagasena 8 days

Any precautions against money laundering and fraud?


@Aillustrator 8 days

How will taxes be handled?

I am in Europe. That means every time I sell something, I need to charge taxes depending on the country of the buyer. And once a year, I have to make a report for the tax authorities with all the revenues I made with all the countries.

Does fruits abstract that away somehow?


@simplehuman 8 days

I am curious about the name and the de domaim


@mixedbit 8 days

A lot of feedback here mentions tax compliance. Perhaps you could use a company like paddle.com to actually handle the payments and act as a merchant of record for each transaction. This way you wouldn't need to worry about calculating taxes and collecting payments from the end customers, you would still need to handle distributing income to sellers. I'm not sure though if Paddle supports selling such 'umbrella' type of products.

Anyway, the idea is great, I view Paddle as an order of magnitude less work for the seller compared to lower level services such as Stripe, and your service could be an order of magnitude less work than Paddle for products that fit such simple selling model well.


@tomschwiha 8 days


1. How do you handle inner EU-vat free excemption (validation of tax numbers)?

2. How easy or hard was your KYC-integration? As payment processor in Germany I assume you are required for money laundering checks, or?


@franze 8 days

seems cool, but work on your trust signals to the users, why should they trust you?


@velcro 8 days

congratulations on the launch! how does this compare to Gumroad?


@andybak 8 days

It sends you a code that expires and there's no way to request another.

In general - please let codes last at least an hour or so. I always get distracted waiting for the code and have to request another one - often several times. Unless you can guarantee instant code delivery (which you probably can't) then I am going to go off and do something else and I probably will forget to check for a while.


@ps901 8 days

I can't click none of the links in the footer of your slide menu, such as Imprint (Firefox and Edge testet)..


@probabletrain 8 days

Any plans to make the download/payment page more customizable e.g. formatting/images in the description, or giving sellers control over the background?


@daanlo 8 days

Love this!


@gerdesj 8 days

"Blessed are the fruit".


@xz18r 8 days

Looks good but upon clicking I thought for over 5 seconds that this was a sideproduct of WeTransfer - at least styling-wise. Serif font for titles, big blue plus sign, split screen of colorful graphic and the info.

Also curious about the name. "Fruits" domains seem to be worth quite a bit. May sound harsh but change the name and sell the costly domain for something that is more explanatory?


@rawbot 8 days

You might want to fix the fact that you can specify a negative price for the product, at least in the calculator. Other than that, looks cool!


@khanan 8 days

Oh, how I hoped I read that "... sell digital produce" :(


@ar0 8 days

Great idea. However, I think you need to be careful in the VAT area not to overpromise: I selected “selling from Switzerland to Switzerland” and your calculator quoted a VAT of 0%, which is of course false (selling stuff in Switzerland requires deducting 7.7% VAT).

My guess would be that you only cover VAT within the EU, but of course there are VAT regimes outside of the EU too; so “we also take care of VAT collection for you” does not seem to apply in all cases.


@pabloem 8 days

Congrats for shipping! I love the simplicity of the idea. It reminds me a lot to Drop to sell[0]. At first glance, both cover the same use case, or is there any significant difference?

[0] https://www.droptosell.com/


@XCSme 6 days

The links in your sidebar don't work, I can't see any info about your company.


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