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Yes clockless logic no handshaking

  • 1 month ago

  • @JaCaLet
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@gaudat 1 month

Replying to @JaCaLet 🗣

What handshaking? Never heard of that before.


@xwa32 1 month

Replying to @JaCaLet 🗣

Even the most trivial design will need some form of synchronization which implies handshaking of some kind.

Asynchronous design is a really interesting field where it's pretty easy to get wins at the circuit level, but it's much harder to win at the system level. Especially when you realize there is no rule that says the system needs only one clock domain, and the period of those domains doesn't actually have to be constant.

I highly recommend you spend some time with a recent overview in the field if you're serious about it. Here is a good one:



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