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Making fifty TIC-80 carts in a weekend

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Making fifty TIC-80 carts in a weekend

@TacticalCoder β€’ 1 day

Replying to @memorable πŸŽ™

I made so much of these when I was coding intros/demos on the Amiga then on the PC! The one looking like Lorenz attractors (16) of course. And the Moire pattern (43): I coded that on the Amiga and wondered "wait, does this work if I add perspective?"... And of course interference patterns do work in 3D too, so I hacked a little something and it looked a bit like a DJ was scratching vinyls.

I dig the "TEST" (41) one: that TIC thing looks like a fun little fantasy computer!

The "floating letters" one (15) brings back memories of the tiny cracktros some pirated games or pirate BBS had (many of us were sailing the high seas as kids, aye!)


@nathell β€’ 1 day

OMG this is so inspiring. Reminds me of early high school days when I’d fire up Turbo Pascal on my 486DX2/66 and play around with the VGA.

It seems like it’s easy to get the creative juices flowing with the TIC-80. Kudos to the author!


@eternityforest β€’ 18 hours

I love the uses of random noise here to create texture and shading at the same time.


@boomlinde β€’ 1 day

An interesting thing about "[A lot of] [thing] in [short time]" challenges is that you get a lot of opportunities to learn what processes can be stripped away and different ways to compromise. Great way to break out of a rut or block because you have to learn what's stopping you and what's essential to you.

I quickly skimmed over these results and saw at least one case of "this thing was complicated, so I did this other thing instead" and one "I tried to do that thing, but my failure resulted in this thing". The goal was to make 50 carts so these are both perfectly valid strategies to achieve it.


@UnchartedSystem β€’ 22 hours

Some great inspiration to dig back into fantasy consoles


@LeonidBugaev β€’ 1 day

If you liked this fantasy console approach, you should also check https://www.lexaloffle.com/pico-8.php, it is not OSS, but have really great community and support.


@djmips β€’ 1 day

Nice one! This shows how cool it is to practice on a constrained very immediate playground.


@dave84 β€’ 1 day

I adore TIC-80. I discovered it last August at a time when I was burned out and no longer programming for fun and it gives me the same sense of wonder and power as sitting down at QBasic.


@nickstinemates β€’ 1 day

I'm really impressed with 22. The font is so cool


@ggm β€’ 1 day

Rocking! Mod scene here we come. Where's the "download to a floppy" icon


@VikingCoder β€’ 1 day

Very nice. I wish more people just played with code like this.


@qiqitori β€’ 1 day

The source code appears to be inside the .tic files, after a short binary header.

To save you some time, if you can't figure out the controls for some demos, try the scroll wheel. You can also press Esc inside demos and get some kind of menu.


@aquova β€’ 23 hours

I love fantasy consoles like Pico-8 and Tic-80 (and all the various others). I haven't done too much with TIC-80 as I ironically find the less restrictive restraints compared to Pico-8 harder for me to work with. It's almost easier to get started when you have 8x8 sprites, a 128x128 screen and only 16 colors. Once you lessen those restrictions it can be more daunting.


@ddanv β€’ 23 hours

Honest question - wouldn't this be more fun to do in CUDA? And why not?


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