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Tilde.town is a computer meant for sharing

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Tilde.town is a computer meant for sharing

@vnorilo 19 minutes

Replying to @memorable 🎙

The procedure for credential reset sounds a little concerning:

> are you a town resident that lost their ssh key? try this: using the email address with which you registered, send an email to root@tilde.town. put "new public key" in the subject. include the new public key in the body of the email

Hopefully they will at least reply to confirm the person can actually read the email instead of just replacing pubkeys from any forged from-address.


@nonrandomstring 15 minutes

Replying to @memorable 🎙

Perhaps perfect granularity of social networks can be achieved if little "towns" are aggregated on top of small Unix servers or VPS.

A 1GHz 1GB compute unit can probably handle 1000 people, with IRC level chatting and light browsing a text protocol like Gemini.

If each "town" has a maximum population before it becomes a grind and people want to move out there's a natural feedback mechanism.

Am elected local council can take care of some (sysadmin) things and vote on new services and boundary (firewall rules).

If people identify with an online location, instead of an amorphous brand maybe they'll take pride in the upkeep and so on.

It's an interesting metaphor/model, and the Tilde project certainly seems to have proved it can work. I wonder what wisdom the inhabitants could give to other federated social projects?


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