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Eight hundred employees resign after WhiteHat Jr asks them to work from office

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Eight hundred employees resign after WhiteHat Jr asks them to work from office

@gkoberger 8 hours

Replying to @randycupertino 🎙

I think this title/article is a bit misleading.

1/ The company was hemorrhaging money and wanted resignations (if I'm understanding "INR CR" correctly, they lost $218,102,508 USD last year??)

2/ This was India, so the stock image feels a bit misleading

3/ It happened two months ago, not recently

4/ It wasn't just coming back to the office; it was relocating people to offices who hadn't worked there before

5/ They even forced people who worked near an office go to OTHER offices in other cities

Here's the original source, which is much better (and includes details on revenue and expenses): https://inc42.com/buzz/exclusive-over-800-whitehat-jr-employ...

This isn't a case of workers preferring WFH over the office; it's a sneaky layoff.


@davidgerard 6 hours

@vishnugupta 8 hours

Schools are reopening this week in India. These online coaching classes saw big growth last two years but now I expect a massive subscriber churn.


God! I hope both WhiteHat Jr. and their parent company Byju's crash and burn. They are crap companies which make poor and gullible parents enroll their kids in one of their programs for extortionate amount of money. If the parents cannot afford to pay all at once, they give a "loan" to the parents and collect a part of it each month even if the kids aren't satisfied with the education that is being provided. Note that none of the kids in India use these apps as the only way to study. They attend regular schools and use these apps as an additional source. Byju's employs 1000s of people whose only job is to go visit as many houses as they can and trick the parents into subscribing for their services by falsely claiming that the only way their kids can succeed is when their education is supplemented by these apps. Many innocent people who want to do all they can to make their kids' lives better fall into the trap and then keep paying the "loan" amount back which could be a substantial part of their monthly income.

Meta and Disney invested a lot of money into these companies and they use it to bully anyone who tries to bring these issues up by shutting down their YouTube channels and filing defamation law suits [1,2]. The entire online education industry is unregulated and resort to shitty antics to extort money. I don't understand why these companies need to exist when we have other free and amazing resources online like Khan Academy which teach all topics to all ages of people.

[1] https://thepost.co.in/news/633/whitehat-jr-lawsuit-pradeep-p...

[2] https://www.reddit.com/r/india/search?q=pradeep+poonia&restr...


@zerop 8 hours

White hat is actually grey.


@SrslyJosh 6 hours

> As the Covid situation has improved

LOL, sure.


@nikolay 6 hours

I have not worked at an office in the past 10 years. Can't believe some people prefer to work in the old way. Okay, I get it's convenient to spend most of the day pretending that you work - coming at 9AM and going into the kitchen to make coffee and breakfast, than getting a 2-hour lunch, having a proof on your calendar that you worked for 1 hour, when the meeting ended after 20 minutes, and people stayed there talking about anythign but work. Even if people are distracted during WFH, the waste is still much less and there are less excuses compared to WFO.


@happy-go-lucky 7 hours

Seems like a classic example of fly-by-night companies barely staying afloat on the highly dubious claims they make about their products or services. They don't value their customers. They say they do, but they just want their money.


@ldjkfkdsjnv 8 hours

I think in the future, forced working from the office will be considered barbaric, and a direct form of control over the employees life. Similar to feudalism, peasants, or other patterns of worker owner relationships, forced office work for a middling wage simply isn't worth it.


@dubswithus 5 hours

Is this going to impact operations?


@deadalus 8 hours

Came across this article about Whitehat Jr, its hilarious : https://www.thenewsminute.com/article/who-wolf-gupta-story-b...

They created a fictional character 'WOLF GUPTA' to promote their brand.


@ipnon 9 hours

You will never see an "Office Space" type movie for remote workers.


@egberts1 9 hours

but of course, how else are they going to do a layoff on an extremely short notice without all the legalese and laws of layoff.


@Imnimo 8 hours

I know this has nothing to do with the story, but I cannot get over how close this company name is to Weenie Hut Junior.


@ghoomketu 8 hours

For some background history whitehat jr has been accused of running misleading ads and shady marketing and also sueuing individuals for millions of dollars to keep their mouth shut.

To get more context please google "pradeep poonia whitehat" and you will get all the gory details, whatsapp chats, etc.


@bin_bash 9 hours

WhiteHat Jr is a coding school in India


@sonicggg 6 hours

Can someone enlighten me? Why would they resign instead forcing the employer to fire them? Like by not going to work or just doing a shitty job.

If you quit, you're giving up on severance or unemployment insurance benefits.


@mc4ndr3 7 hours

If education can work online, why not the makers of online education? Sounds like a company that doesn't believe in their own product.


@matt_heimer 9 hours

They hired remote workers regardless of location and decided to give everyone a month to starting working from an office?


@geocrasher 9 hours

     “This was a well-planned and managed layoff that WhiteHat Jr did,” a former employee remarked.
Indeed. Vicious, but well played.


@searchableguy 9 hours

This is likely a general layoff. Edtech bubble in India has bursted. Many edtech are going through huge layoffs.


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