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867-5309 in All US and Canadian Area Codes

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867-5309 in All US and Canadian Area Codes

@bityard β€’ 1 hour

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In the late nineties, if you dialed this in my zip code, you would have gotten a hold of my friend's grandmother.

No, her name was not jenny.


@WalterGR β€’ 1 hour

@abirch β€’ 6 minutes

LTP: if you're at a grocery store and don't have membership account, use the local area code and this number. It hasn't failed me in the 14 states I've tried it.


@brak2718 β€’ 52 minutes

thanks you jerk now I have this song stuck in my head for the next 20 hours


@boomboomsubban β€’ 50 minutes

I like that they mentioned that they did this for cheap, but did not seem to care that they were calling ~1000 random people. And they plan to do this regularly.


@jbledsoe2112 β€’ 1 hour

What happens when you call 867-5309 in all the US and Canadian area codes? Do you reach Jenny or something else? Check this list out!


@dlg β€’ 1 hour

In 1999, Brown University which had only used 863- added the 867- exchange. A suite of students got 5309 and kept getting calls asking for β€œJenny” at all hours. They stopped assigning that number.

Ultimately a Rhode Island plumbing co, Gem Plumbing, bought it from Brown and used it in their ads.


@bittercynic β€’ 16 minutes

For area codes where the number is not assigned, is there some way to find out who to contact to purchase it?


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