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AssemblyAI (YC S17) Is Hiring Senior Research Engineers

We're AssemblyAI - and we're building APIs to transcribe and understand audio data at scale.

* About us *

- We just raised a $28M Series A from Accel, YC, Stripe's founders, Nat Friedman, and Daniel Gross. We grew revenue 4x in the past year, have hundreds of paying customers (startups and Fortune 500s), and thousands of developers using our APIs

- We're processing millions of audio files every day with our AI models, and are growing very quickly. We're looking for experienced Senior Research Engineers to help us research and build new SOTA NLP/NLU models.

* The role *

- To us, a "research engineer" is 1 part inquisitive scientist and 1 part distributed systems software engineer. This means you understand AI models from both a probabilistic and engineering perspective, and knowing more about these aspects excites you.

- At Assembly, you'll get to stay up to date on the latest AI literature and use this as inspiration for generating your own hypotheses about how to solve the specific problems we're facing. You'll be able to take your ideas and implement them as code, run the necessary experiments to test your hypotheses, and iterate as needed.

- Once you find a solution that makes a sizable improvement over what's currently in production, you'll work with our deployment engineering team to get your model running efficiently in production, and have a direct impact on our customers.

* Apply *

Domenic (https://www.linkedin.com/in/domenicdonato/) leads the NLP research team at AssemblyAI and brings with him 8+ years of experience as a DeepMind researcher and Google software engineer. He's designed scalable backends, AI frameworks, and published multiple conference papers in the NLU domain. He joined AssemblyAI because it provides a direct conduit to users where AI research can immediately benefit others.

To apply, you can reach out to Domenic below:

domenic [ at ] assemblyai [ dot ] com

* Please include "HN job post" somewhere in your subject line for expedited processing!

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AssemblyAI (YC S17) Is Hiring Senior Research Engineers

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