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Show HN: Oblon – universal REST API server

Oblon is a web server that gives you the capabilities to store and retrieve any (valid) JSON data, using the standard REST API (see below). You can imagine Oblon to be one big JSON file that you can manipulate partially or at once. It doesn't have a schema and it can change its structure on the fly. All the data is persisted using a single SQLite database.

You can think of Oblon as local Firebase database (the original one) that is stored in SQLite (which makes it easy to backup, restore, administering, etc.

The easiest way to play with it is to use the docker image:

docker pull ghcr.io/vtashkov/oblon:latest

docker run -p 80:80 -v $(pwd)/data:/data -it --rm ghcr.io/vtashkov/oblon:latest

From there on, you can use the standard REST http methods to store and retrieve data - GET, PUT and DELETE are supported for now.

You can check out the whole documentation here https://vtashkov.github.io/oblon/

This is very early version, more like proof-of-concept. I would be very grateful if you provide me with any feedback, requests that will make Oblon useful for you and anything about it. This is of course version for evaluation purposes only. In the future, if it proves itself worthy, my plans are to make it free for any development purposes and only ask for commercial license if it goes to commercial production.

Feel free to ask any questions or give any comments to me: vtashkov(at)gmail.com

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Show HN: Oblon – universal REST API server

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It would be nice to have some documentation on the GitHub repository


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