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Show HN: Team Reminders – SMS Reminders for Team Events

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Show HN: Team Reminders – SMS Reminders for Team Events

@itextyou 14 days

Replying to @itextyou 🎙

This is a side project I created for my own use as a leader of a youth group. It sends out event reminder messages and allows people to reply directly with their RSVP status. I figured it might be useful to other people, so I published it as a Google Calendar add-on.

I've intentionally tried to keep it minimal (do one thing and do it well, hopefully), so it doesn't have a ton of features or polish. I haven't made any money with it (yet), so still trying to gauge whether or not to put more time into it.

There are quite a few apps that help manage teams and schedules for these kinds of things, but I found that a lot of parents - myself included - are reluctant to download apps and sign up for new services, especially when everyone has different preferred apps and they're always changing. Group SMS is also a mess with iMessage vs. Android. So that was kind of the motivation behind this: individual SMS reminders with RSVPs, no app or signup required. Leverage Google Calendar so as to avoid reinventing that wheel.

Feedback is welcome. Thanks!


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