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Show HN: Visual organizer for your physical tools

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Show HN: Visual organizer for your physical tools

@sent-hil 9 days

Replying to @sent-hil 🎙

Hi HN,

Six months ago, I quit my corporate job to work on ToolWall. I was tired of the bureaucracy and frankly, a bit burnt out. I was doing woodworking in my free time, so it was a natural progression to build something related to woodworking and tech.

When I first setup my garage workshop, I spent a lot of time organizing it instead of working on fun projects. The other woodworkers, leatherworkers, mechanics, and makers that I talked to had the same problem. They all want an easy, cheap and sturdy solution for organization. I believe https://toolwallhq.com is that solution.

The biggest advantage that ToolWall has over existing solutions in the market is the online visual artboard where you can organize your tools and their holders before purchasing the latter. It uses Canvas and SVGs to represent the tools. (I eventually want to build a AR app which detects the tools you own from uploaded pictures and auto suggests how to organize them).

Couple days ago, I launched the beta and have been looking to get feedback on the site and the product. I would love to hear what you think.

Thank you for your time.

PS: If you have a CNC and are willing to test out some of my beta designs, I'll send you the Fusion files for free. You can reach me at me@toolwallhq.com.


@WalterGR 9 days

Replying to @sent-hil 🎙

Above the fold on mobile it looks like every other e-commerce site selling things. I scrolled down _a bit_ and fairly quickly closed the tab.

It wasn’t until I came back to HN and read your comment that I realized there was more to the site.

Cool idea. Congrats on shipping.


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