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Ask HN: Version control systems written on Lisp (any Lisp realisation)

I started learning Lisp recently because I believe it helps me realize an idea about public storage of some open source code. What I need right now is a list of FOSS implementations of version control systems written in Lisp, because I need to read that code and make some decions about my personal VCS research. If you have some experience with any VCS written in any Lisp, or can recommend any VCS to me as an example of decent Lisp code, welcome.

Sorry for not making any try to search what I need before asking the question here, all I did was read the first few paragraphs of SICP and solved some of the exercises from the book using the Racket compiler. I have never run anyone's Lisp code from Internets and since I have a desire to get started, I want to start with something worth learning. I am tolerant to any Lisp environment, not only Racket, and installing a lot of Lisps is expected to be part of my research. And I would love to see either large and well-known projects, or small projects just for fun, created for educational purposes, or reimplementations of the well-known svn/git approach or some lesser-known great ideas.

My OS is the latest version of Debian, if that matters, and I am not an expert at installing non-repository software, so I prefer software that is not too hard to install.

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Ask HN: Version control systems written on Lisp (any Lisp realisation)

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