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OBS – Open Broadcaster Software

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OBS – Open Broadcaster Software

@IncRnd 14 days

Replying to @axiomdata316 🎙

OBS is in my workflow similar to many other people here.

Video Camera -> OBS -> Internet -> nginx server -> HLS -> stream to browsers.


@radiojasper 13 days

As an outdoor streamer, I love OBS! It's hosted in the cloud [0] for me, so I don't have to leave a PC running at home when I'm out streaming. I can control it through NOALBS [1], which basically means I type !start in my chat and my OBS starts streaming for me.

[0] https://antiscuff.com

[1] https://github.com/715209/nginx-obs-automatic-low-bitrate-sw...

PS, I have no affiliation with either of these companies / projects - I just use their services and wanted to praise OBS.


@wdb 14 days

Is this similar to Streamyard that I keep hearing YTers talk about?


@synu 14 days

I recently started a company focused on providing a cloud backend for OBS - all the collaboration bits (script writing, storyboarding), reviews, and publishing/distribution. All the workflows you do outside of OBS itself, basically, and integrated with OBS through a plugin. We also sponsor OBS with a $10k/mo donation.

If this is a problem you’re having I’d love to talk about it, or even if you just want to share your experience of what works well for you. My email is in my profile.


@phkahler 15 days

Does it have a freaking equalizer yet?

Seriously. I don't want to research plugins or pay for one of the most fundamental signal processing blocks.


@CheeseLovers 15 days

I'm sure most people who would benefit from this software have heard of it.


@nuclearsugar 15 days

OBS is quite useful for recording Spout or NDI video streams. I use these two OBS plugins often - https://github.com/Off-World-Live/obs-spout2-plugin https://github.com/Palakis/obs-ndi


@nunez 14 days

OBS is a blessing; hard to believe that it's still free. You can get a lot of mileage with it.


@Schinken_ 14 days

OBS is an amazing piece of software. I remember when I first dabbled in livestreaming and everything was either pricey or broken.

I am currently using OBS solely as a method to grab screens/windows and use a custom plugin to stream that to multiple WebRTC users to create something like a low latency game streaming for friends. OBS saves me a ton of time since I don't have to implement X11 / Wayland / Mac / Windows DXGI screen capture methods as well as a way to composite several of those into a nice picture.

The development discord is hit or miss though but with a bit of luck and digging (and thanks to other plugins) one can piece together how to write a plugin.


@rubychill 15 days

I remember having a subscription to xfire back in 2012, apparently the same year that OBS 1.0 was released.

Having such a high quality piece of open source software as the defacto standard for video recording/streaming is quite nice alongside Audacity for audio recording.


@Krisjohn 15 days

An oldie, but a goodie. I recently dusted off my install after ManyCam re-wrote the definition of "lifetime" and screwed over a bunch of its most loyal customers.


@Night_Thastus 15 days

It's very solid software. Extremely flexible and functional, but not too hard to pick up, and they've made it easier over the years. Free too. Can't complain about it. If I ever need high-quality recordings, I use CQP and it comes out fantastic, none of the awful compression artifacts.


@godelmachine 14 days

Have been using OBS for over a year coz Grabilla is not supported on my new company laptop.

A huge learning curve is needed to understand OBS.

For ex -

I have still not been able to figure out how to record audio using AirPods Pro

Secondly, whenever I connect an external monitor to my primary laptop, the audio is not recorded.

Some challenges I face while using OBS.

Many a times it's really frustrating


@ocdtrekkie 15 days

As a note, OBS is a really solid capture tool for... anything. I do a lot of old VHS conversions and found OBS is vastly superior to the in-box garbage with most capture devices.


@jjice 14 days

I remember using a host of god awful screen capture software as a kid. All of it was poor quality, except for a few that cost more money than 11 year old me could afford (Fraps was ~$40, Camtasia was ~$200 if I recall).

Then OBS stepped in and changed the game. Not only is it open source and free, but it's debatably the best out there. Super easy to start with, and there's enough of a community that you can figure out the advanced stuff as an amateur like myself.


@rg111 14 days

I have a beefy laptop GPU, but cannot utilize it with NVIDIA Broadcast because I use Linux! ;(

I hope someday soon I can use it in Linux.

In Windows it is very easy to use the output of NVIDIA Broadcast as a scene in OBS.


@amai 14 days

Sorry to spoil the party, but my experience with OBS for creating a webinar video was not good. OBS is powerful, but it lacks decent defaults. Creating a simple overlay of my webcam in circular form over the presentation was not possible. But even a rectangular side-by-side of my webcam next to the presentation didn't look good ( the position was always wrong by a few pixels) because you have to position everything manually. It would be very nice if one could position things by selecting say top left corner, center, bottom right corner and also simply select shapes for the video view.

For doing webinars I'm now using the functionality built into Apple Keynote, which is great and simple to use: https://support.apple.com/guide/keynote/add-live-video-tan6a...

Also - in opposition to OBS - Keynote will not use 100% of my CPU to render the live presentation.


@swyx 14 days

heard a great interview of the creator of OBS recently https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/obs-with-jim-bailey/id...

surprisingly its not that old!


@mrkramer 14 days

It's crazy that such a powerful software is free of charge and open source. Imagine how much money they could've made if it was closed source and licensed. Millions or maybe billions.

I always had a wet dream about making a big SaaS company e.g. Adobe or Oracle so I'm always amazed that people put so much effort into FOSS.


@29athrowaway 14 days

You can disable the preview once you've set up your scene and make it a bit faster.


@reilly3000 15 days

When I was half my age, OBS was unfathomable. I was shooting video on digital 8, editing in Final Cut Pro 4 which was the new hotness, and trying but failing to use DSS on my college network. Actual streaming at scale required a massive server and a massive license from RealNetworks. If I wanted to do anything with animation, it was all $$$$$ software. This all took place in a shared lab at my college with stuff I could never afford on my own.

Today, people at that age are making lucrative careers out of streaming then doing the things they love out of their bedrooms using OBS. Blender has enabled all kinds of amazing creators, from animation to video editing to 3D printing and even (basic) architecture. Kicad makes EDA! approachable. My teen son has been able to dabble in all of the above in his spare time without spending a dime.

I’m in awe of the power of free software and the amazing engineering work that has enabled these projects to be good enough for real professionals to choose first. I hope we see Godot achieve world domination in gaming, GIMP in graphics, and Libra Office + Collabra in productivity. The people who have given us these tools deserve the highest accolades.


@na85 14 days

OBS is great. I make WWII combat flight simulator videos for youtube using OBS to record gameplay and do some light editing with Da Vinci Resolve to show teachable moments.


@ChrisArchitect 15 days

Is this about a new release? or just a fan


@NonNefarious 14 days

What about it?


@ChrisMarshallNY 15 days

OBS is an awesome app.

Its interface is a bit "awkward," but not too bad. It has many tools that are not available elsewhere.


@Hard_Space 14 days

Timely - I discovered OBS only last week, and am consistently amazed by it. Only thing missing is the ability to draw crop areas prior to a screengrab/video.


@LanceH 14 days

For those who haven't tried it, you can mount the output of OBS as a camera, which can be used as input for something like Zoom. So you can add graphics, multiple angles, switch between different views, etc...


@jancsika 15 days

So if I wanted to stream some live coding, can I do the whole thing on my XPS laptop with OBS?

What's the setup look like for someone who has done this?


@unlog 14 days

I do not understand the five-second minimum delay I got..... nginx and obs paired at a 1s key frame interval still gives a five-second delay on football matches, which is very annoying because you heard your neighbors before actually watching the footage, and no, this is not solved by any streaming service.


@fredsmith219 14 days

I have Google Fi as my phone service, so I can make and receive calls from my PC. I use OBS to record my important calls with big companies. I always smirk when I hear "this call may be recorded". You bet your ass it's being recorded. The recordings have saved me money and aggravation more than once.


@platz 14 days

I'm not a streamer, but I find OBS is great for other uses.

The main things I use OBS for is:

  - Recording screen or window, while recording desktop audio and mic at the same time.

  - routing master windows audio through a compressor/limiter when listening to videos or streams that have poor leveling (though you need to install a virtual audio output in windows to do this - I found something called CABLE that works.  Then windows outputs to CABLE, OBS reads CABLE into desktop audio source, and then you  monitor that on you speakers/headphones, so you can now add audio filters to desktop audio source.)

  - adjusting gamma/contrast/brightness of webcams (but not during face to face video calls; OBS does introduce lag which limits the usefullness of this)


@NiekvdMaas 14 days


In case anyone is interested in controlling OBS remotely, you can use OBS-web: https://github.com/Niek/obs-web

It's not a full reimplementation of the UI, but offers the most often used controls so you can manage a livestream from e.g. a tablet or phone.


@hilbert42 14 days

On reading this story I went to the OBS/Open Broadcaster Software website and I came across OBS's privacy statement/policy and to say that I was alarmed would be a gross understatement as it seems its developers can violate a user's privacy in just about every way possible.

After doing a quick scan of these posts I note that no one else has raised this matter.

I've not used OBS so I'd be interested to know from users about how much 'phoning home' the software actually does in practice.

Seems to me the effective extent of its privacy policy may be the limiting factor whether one would use OBS or not.


@oneepic 15 days

I'm curious. What is the point of reposting this?


@Kim_Bruning 14 days

I'm still looking for a backend/headless tool that works like OBS that can run on servers.


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