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Ask HN: What service do you use to collect and analyse your API data?

Hi HN. I asked a question here before. [my app is slow. What do I do now?](https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=29700098). HN users kindly instructed me to record logs about my api request as a starting point. I have done accordingly and found some slow api requests and fix them.

But recording api request and analysing them with custom python code is not as interesting as creating features for my app.

Are there any service that I can use to simplify this task?

I've used Mixpanel to collect and analyse my user behaviours. So far it is working great.

I'm thinking of using Mixpanel to collect and analyse my api request data. But I'm not sure Mixpanel is good fit for this task. (I'm not an expert in Mixpanel though).

Have you used any service to do such task? I would be happy to pay for the service.

Thanks :)

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Ask HN: What service do you use to collect and analyse your API data?

@ndimares 14 days

Replying to @pototo666 🎙

You could try Akita Software: https://www.akitasoftware.com/ who exists in this space, but anecdotally devs I've spoken to who have tested that solution haven't loved it (find it hard/unintuitive to use). I assume a full investment (Data warehouse + datadog and alerting framework) would be overkill for your use case?

This problem is something I've spent some time thinking through/working on addressing, because it does feel like there should be something easy & low cost for devs to use, a mixpanel for API usage as it were. If you'd want to talk about it offline, drop me a message. Best of luck!


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