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Show HN: Diary of building software startup from scratch

Oh, hello. I didn't see you there.

Did you ever wonder what it takes to build and launch a software product from scratch?

Not a high-level summary. Not a short essay that describes a year of development.

Detailed, day to day activities. A captain's log.

Mistakes and pivots. Technology choices. Marketing activities. Design considerations.

You might know me as the creator of SumatraPDF.

I'm starting a new software product from scratch and I decided to make it an experiment of building in public.

I hope to inspire others to build more software by de-mystifying the process of creation.

I'm on day 14. It's early but that is the point: you can follow along.

Here's the daily dev diary: https://blog.kowalczyk.info/article/30da6655040f47e693f8e66eacd308c1/diary-of-a-solo-dev-building-a-web-app.html

The product is Filerion, a web-based file browser / file manager with support for s3, Dropbox etc.

I'll be posting updates to https://twitter.com/kjk but don't just follow along. Start building your own stuff as well. The world needs more great software.

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Show HN: Diary of building software startup from scratch

@ghoshbishakh 12 days

Replying to @kjksf 🎙

This will be amazing to track!!


@0des 12 days

Replying to @kjksf 🎙

Thanks for Sumatra, cheers :) I'm looking forward to reading these tomorrow. As I recently learned some projects did on another startup community, are you planning to publish expenses and earnings as part of this open project building initiative?


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