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Show HN: I built a simply mock API for devs

Do you like to write your frontend code before building your backend? You can use ResBin to mock your API responses with your own data until the real API is ready. You can also use it in tests that need to make API calls to have a stable source of non-prod data, test your error handling flows, or use it for anything else you want!

All you need to is enter a response status and response body and ResBin will generate unique API endpoint for you to use. Then you can make API requests to your new endpoint the same way you would any other HTTP request, and you'll receive the response you built!

ResBin is completely free to use, and also open source https://github.com/dasveloper/ResBin (repo is work in progress).

Currently response bins only last 90 days, but I'll likely remove that limitation soon.

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Show HN: I built a simply mock API for devs

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