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Ask HN: How Many hours would you rate this test

Normally I am pretty ok in doing tests, but I was told this was a 3 hour test. I believe I am reasonably good at the technologies used. I believe it is probably a day or maybe two days.

Build a styled select drop down component in React, you are not allowed to use a component library.

Code should production ready. They will check both usability and technical aspects of solution. Include unit tests and keyboard navigation.

Of course should include readme instructing how to run and reasons for things etc.

The drop down is not going to just work with a select box but is going to have to be HTML mimicking select because the entries in the select all have styled fonts and different icons before each entry etc.

Up Down arrow on right end of select to show when select box Open Closed.

Left hand of entry in dropdown has icon, right entry has two lines of person being searched for - top line name bottom line job title.

on click event in search field, see full list of managers in dropdown, otherwise hidden.

two people are shown at a time, the rest can be scrolled to.

you should be able to search to filter and get people in this dropdown.

People are filtered on both first and last name.

filtering is case insensitive.

Filtering can happen across names so if you search for nras, bryan rasmussen should show up.

Bonus - when user clicks selection the dropdown closes and the name is in the select box.

Bonus - Selections navigable with up down keys.

On Blur: drop down closes but the last entered value is still in the search box.

on Focus: dropdown shown with available people matching the filter in the search field.

Data to populate field is in a json format that should be requested not hard coded in solution.

actually thinking about it again, and needing to be production ready, the search rules etc. probably 3 days.

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Ask HN: How Many hours would you rate this test

@bryanrasmussen 13 days

Replying to @bryanrasmussen 🎙

I mean I could probably do most of this select dropdown in a few hours using ant design of similar, but the code would still not be production ready - but nearly.

The search probably more than an hour. Production ready so it should probably be in its own component etc.

I mean I am just not going to do it, but I just want to know am I crazy or not - is this test way too long - who would describe this as a 3 maybe 4 hour test but they actually figured I could knock it out in two hours. It's also timed, it allows 6 days and 23 hours from when you start working on it to finish.

I feel like someone is trying to pickpocket my time, but not with any great expertise or attempt to disguise what they're doing.


@elmerfud 13 days

If I got something like this at a job interview, I'd let them know my hourly contact rate and ask them to sign a contract for completion of this work. They can put a little skin in the game to see if you're the right hire and paying for a few hours of dev work at 150-300/hr is peanuts to the cost of picking the wrong person.

To many jobs available right now. Companies only get away with this people choose to play. Job market is just too good for this nonsense.

Seriously respond with a contract to sign that includes your hourly rate. Maybe open with the letter that says, "I'm sorry your last girlfriend hurt you, but..." Then extol your virtues and how you get paid for work.


@brudgers 13 days

For the perfect candidate, it is probably an hour's work. [1]

For a suitable candidate, it is three hours or less.

If it isn't three hours or less, then it is reasonable to assume that you are not what they are looking for.

That is useful information even if potentially disappointing.

It doesn't mean you aren't a good developer.

It just means your experience doesn't fit with their expectations.

There are benefits to working at the pace where the task takes two days...like thinking the problem through.

In some shops that matters a lot.

In others it doesn't matter as much.

Good luck.

[1] I mean two things. I can read the description and imagine a person having the knowledge and experience that makes the problem trivial. The other thing I mean is that I am not such a person. I figure it would take me about a month - if I was getting paid.


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