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Ask HN: Does anybody still use bookmarking services?

If not, do you collect web pages some other way?

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Ask HN: Does anybody still use bookmarking services?

@blaydator β€’ 10 days

Replying to @joe8756438 πŸŽ™

I will self promote as it’s one of the main use cases of Boomerang. It’s a minimal mail to self app for iOS and Android with share extension to bookmark website in one click. Emails are super convenient because you consult them everyday so your links doesn’t get lost in an app.



@smusamashah β€’ 10 days

I use Dynalist and a custom chrome extension which uses its API to save links to a list. On Android I use an app which can send http requests to any address. I use that to share urls from browser etc to that app which again send that link to Dynalist.


@jamifsud β€’ 10 days

I’ve tried just about every app in the space (some great tools listed in this thread) and haven’t found one that works for me, so I’m building one!

My workflow is save for later focused (I tend to save content to read / learn from vs bookmark resources to visit) and now days I’m collecting content in so many different forms (podcasts, video, newsletters, etc). I’ve found that nobody has native support for every content form I save and it’s been a big pain point. We're focusing on nailing native support for all content types / sources and building tools to help you manage the forever growing list of content that can sometimes happen when your library grows!

It’s called Upnext (https://www.getupnext.com), happy to share invites with HNers in search of a tool in this space, email in profile!


@mr-karan β€’ 10 days

Yup, I use a self hosted version of [1]

[1]: https://github.com/sissbruecker/linkding


@jdelacueva β€’ 9 days

I use org-capture. The setup is a bookmark in firefox that triggers emacs, where I save all the pages I visit and that interest me. The links are saved in a plain text file, which I later edit and export to any format I wish. A good explanation here [1]

[1] https://mediaonfire.com/blog/2017_07_21_org_protocol_firefox...


@Eddy_Viscosity2 β€’ 10 days

I use Zotero for this now. I have a bunch of sub-collections (e.g. technical, interesting, fitness, etc.) and when I see a webpage I like I use the plug-in to save to Zotero. Better than a bookmark because it also saves a snapshot of the webpage, and, I can easily cite it if I'm writing a document.



@_-david-_ β€’ 10 days

I store them in markdown files. It allows me to have a description and have multiple links for that description. I have separate markdown files for different categories.

For some pages I will manually use an archive service and include the archived links with the original link.


@spratzt β€’ 10 days

I use Zotero.


@terpimost β€’ 10 days

Just sending it all to my Telegram… there are tags there


@vasili111 β€’ 10 days

I use Chrome extension "Save as Shortcut" (https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/save-as-shortcut/f...) to save the link as a file on the file system. Works for me pretty well.


@agmand β€’ 10 days

I used some of the solutions listed here (like Pocket) for a time. Eventually, I decided I can just post them in my website [1], because why not : that way they are accessible from everywhere, easy to edit, categorize and comment, shareable with anyone in seconds.

[1] https://andirko.eu/wiki/bookmarks

(Edit: typo)


@Adraghast β€’ 10 days

I’ve been using Raindrop.io for this. (Not affiliated.)


@rsolva β€’ 10 days

I have tried many different solutions the last two decades, but none of of them really stuck or became useful over time. I kinda gave up and as a last ditch effort started to do the simplest thing I could think of: ctrl+D to add bookmarks in Firefox, jotting down a few keywords on each entry. No folders, no structure, just a flat list and some keywords.

A few months in I noticed how powerful this simple system was. When talking with someone else about a tool, github-repo or article I had seen but did no remember the name or title of, finding it back was suddenly a breeze. Since I keep my desktop and mobile bookmarks in sync, it it just a matter of typing in a keword in the address bar in firefox and it shows up instantly!

On desktop, you can limit the search to bookmarks only by starting with a *, which is helpful to avoid browser history etc.

I have really low bar for adding a bookmark now as the mental overhead is so low and it is done notime. It has become the second brain I always wanted :)


@igammarays β€’ 10 days

I use the same app for archiving everything - bookmarks, whole website crawls, 15+ years of email history, receipts, large files and media, directories on my computer - everything. DevonThink - native mac app with fast search that has never failed me.


@bravetraveler β€’ 10 days

Can't say I ever have to be honest.

The furthest I go is using the facilities built into whatever browser I happen to be using.

I don't find myself really in need


@Maxburn β€’ 7 days


Gives a simple explorer style folder/bookmark structure. Can be reordered any way you want. Can sync to browsers if you want but I prefer to just use the website.


@Arubis β€’ 10 days

I use and love Pinboard, plus the Instapaper-like read-it-later integration Paperback (readpaperback.com) set as my home page in my mobile browser. It’s a great combo.


@karaterobot β€’ 10 days

> If not, do you collect web pages some other way?

I send it to myself in the @karaterobot (or equivalent) channel in Mattermost, which is the self-hosted chat program I use. This is exactly equivalent to sending it to yourself in Slack, except that free versions of Slack have a limited history, after which your archive will be lost (or, rather, held behind a paywall). The advantage of this method is that it's organized by time, and searchable, and you can save links, documents, images, notes, etc.


@gnrfanperu β€’ 10 days

Yes, I regularly use Raindrop.io


@jamisonbryant β€’ 10 days

For temporary or read-later items, I have a Todoist project called "Links to Read" and I use the Todoist browser extension to send the page to that project.

For more permanent links, I maintain quite an extensive collection of bookmarks, all neatly organized by subject area and utility.


@wzdd β€’ 10 days

Yes, I wrote my own service after Maciej (very politely, this is not a criticism!) asked grandfathered-in single-payment Pinboard users if they would consider a recurring payment. It's a simple Python / Flask app which runs on a host running Dokku.


@jaw0 β€’ 10 days

I used to use delicious, but after it got bought the Nth time, I went and built my own delicious clone.


@czam β€’ 10 days

I'm running a bookmarking site with a specific set of features at kntm.org and am using it since 2014, please join!

I also use OneTab (or similar) to clear up open tabs. I use Pocket just for sending articles to my kobo reader and Instapaper for read-it-later. Also using Materialistic app to quickly save HN articles.

I think the basic functionality of bookmarking will never be obsolete.


@wazoox β€’ 10 days

I collect/sort of bookmark useful pages with Zotero.


@xenodium β€’ 10 days

https://plainorg.com (iOS/share sheet from Safari) - I authored this one.

https://braintool.org (Chrome)

Both powered by a plain text stores.


@shkliarau β€’ 10 days

I’m only saving articles for later (and then videos directly on YouTube). The problem with bookmarks is going back to them (if ever), so I always tend to forget about what I’ve saved and then just google what I need in the moment. With articles it’s a bit different but I used to save a lot of articles to Pocket and then Instapaper, and reading them not too often. Now using Alfread that sends me quotes from saved articles as reminders, so that helps a bit.


@LMMojo β€’ 9 days

For me, it all started with Delicious (del.icio.us) but then it got bought by Yahoo!, which added unnecessary functionality and eventually the system died, got traded, sold, wherever. Either way, it became useless.

I transferred all of my links to Diigo, which had much the same functionality, but a LOT of extras. Diigo really focuses on the extras and I felt the weren't really interested in the features I considered for Core.

I eventually realized that the guy who originally started del.icio.us was running a service called Pinboard. I checked it out, read his blog, saw how dedicated he was to providing a good service and being attentive to his customers and signed up. https://pinboard.in/ is a fantastic bookmarking service which ticks all the right boxes and doesn't try to be something it shouldn't. If you're tactical in your tagging you should be able to find your valuable links easily.


@bachmeier β€’ 10 days

Hard to beat Zotero as a bookmarking service IMO. Saves a copy of the article and makes it available through the web interface if you're not at your usual desktop. $20 a year for 2 GB of storage is a good value if you want to go beyond the free plan.


@kragen β€’ 10 days

I use a text file in Git with one URL per line with commentary following the URL, with hashtags in the line. This makes text search through the comments really easy (especially including isearch in Emacs) but doesn't provide archival, thumbnailing, or full-text search of page contents. I don't have the collaboratively suggested tags from del.icio.us but what I miss more is the feed of other people's linkblogs.

Each day has a blank line and a "links for 02022-06-23:" header beginning it.


@AlecSchueler β€’ 10 days

No, I used to be super into bookmarks and a lot of the first code I wrote was to help me manage them and to discover new things from others via delicious bookmarks and things like that.

In recent years I've found that I only visit 5 out so websites with any regularity and everything else is as quick to Google for as to search my bookmarks for.

I've completely given up on bookmarks.


@rglover β€’ 10 days

Yup. Pinboard. Maciej's commitment to rigid simplicity and speed has made me a customer for life.


@aalpanigrahi β€’ 7 days

Not here to spam, but we're building a really interesting product called mutter where in it's next iteration, every user can store, curate and post links into streams, which we think of as a combination of User x Topic. For example, if a user wants to curate content on React, then the user can create a stream specific to it. This stream isn't a global topic like a subreddit but something specific to a user.

The user can then curate content via both in-app "post" feature, as well as a chrome extension. Interestingly, the discovery feed will also be built in a way that it allows you re-discover content, because we end up saving a lot of content, but rarely end up revisiting them.

:) The current prototype of mutter (URL: https://mutter.ai) was built as a research exercise. We're working on totally new prototype but with a different set of designs.


@dangerard β€’ 10 days

I built a little chrome extension[0] that allows you to like and share links as you are browsing the web. It was originally intended to be kind of like Digg, but most people just use it to bookmark.

[0] https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/poster/heklcccecmo...


@BooneJS β€’ 10 days

Not exactly what you’re asking, but I use Readwise + Pocket.


@TimC123456 β€’ 10 days

I’m using Safari on macOS and iOS as my primary browsers. If I find something worth bookmarking, I add it to Reading List (the keyboard shortcut is muscle memory by now) which gives me a searchable list of offlineβ€”readable sites synced across all my devices. I’ve also found the History search really great at quickly allowing me to solve the β€œwhat was that ZFS HOWTO was looking at last week?” type of situations.

I, too, am (was?) a long-time paying Pinboard user, but Reading List is just so much less friction. I found myself never going back to look through my Pinboard bookmarks.

Reading List β€œjust works.”


@manmal β€’ 10 days

I use pinboard.in, 99,9% via either the iOS & macOS app β€žPinsβ€œ. This is mainly something that buys me peace of mind, in case the browser history fails me.


@unethical_ban β€’ 10 days

Most of the things I find interesting are on HN or reddit, though I probably make about 20 bookmarks a year in my browser. I have Vivaldi sync set up.

I have an interest in building a "saved item" extraction tool for my reddit accounts that exports them to a bookmark file for offline storage. Same with Hacker News. Though if the tool already exists, please link it here!


@octref β€’ 10 days

I built my own. It's a Chrome extension that

- captures a tree tab structure (inspired by Tree Style Tab)

- has a text-heavy interface

- is keyboard driven (inspired by Vim)

- keeps data local or syncs to a GitHub gist (no server)

- exports to Markdown

I often hear from others they need something similar, and I thought about finishing it up so others can use it. But my fear is that I made too many personal design choices that nobody else would like, and changing those choices would make myself less happy (but surely make it easier for others to use).

If you are intrigued, here are some screenshots:

- https://imgur.com/a/D5CtJ6A


@mtone β€’ 10 days

I add stuff in FF Group Speed Dial [0] under a variety of headings. I try to stick to ~100-150 links in there, deleting entire headings once past their usefulness.

They're no good as a long term knowledge base however -- search is too limited.

[0]: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/groupspeeddia...


@undoware β€’ 10 days

Raindrop. Every day, for all things. The snapshots of the pages it takes means that if I see something I can later say something, it doesn't matter who grooms the content meanwhile.


@abraxas β€’ 10 days

I miss furl a lot. It was a short lived service in the days of Web 2.0 where it not only bookmarked the pages for you but also saved a scraped copy and indexed it so it was really easy to find content later. It was an amazing academic research tool that I think would be incredibly valuable for the problem it was trying to solve.


@stasm β€’ 10 days

If it's something I want to read and then be done with it, I keep the tab open.

If it's something I may want to come back to, or something that I'd be sad if it disappeared from the web, I save it to a synced folder using the SingleFile extension which inlines all content into a single HTML file.


@pacifika β€’ 10 days

I use Pocket, and Alfread on top of that. Will switch out pocket for instapaper though, because Pocket cannot seem to download articles in the background, so when I'm reading on unreliable connections the articles are never there.


@purplepatrick β€’ 10 days

I used Pocket for a few years but the company never fixed any bugs that severely restricted its utility. Since then I’ve switched to Raindrop.io and have never looked back. I use it on web and mobile, and it’s excellent.


@bribri β€’ 9 days

I use the open source omnivore app which syncs all my articles and highlights to logseq https://briansunter.com/graph/#/page/omnivore-logseq-guide


@skyzyx β€’ 10 days

Since 2006, I’ve gone from:

Delicious β†’ Ma.gnol.ia β†’ Delicious β†’ Pinboard/Instapaper β†’ Raindrop.io


@corytheboyd β€’ 10 days

I bookmark things in the browser and have Alfred index it for search (a built-in free Alfred feature). Simple and effective.


@somehnacct3757 β€’ 10 days

I get the feeling most ppl keep tons and tons of tabs open these days. Browsers keep having to reduce the workload of background tabs, and have even added some UX features like tab grouping and pinning. And then there's the success of tab manager browser extensions...


@hprotagonist β€’ 10 days

I have a paid pinboard subscription.


@sbarg β€’ 10 days

I've been using Pocket since it was ReadItLater. Two areas need improvement: 1) display of recipes in article mode and 2) display and redirection of Reddit articles. I'm intrigued with the yacy setup of user l72. I may check that out...


@pratyushmittal β€’ 10 days

I (still) use Pinboard: https://pinboard.in/u:pratyush

  1. Archives - those tutorials and guides stay when the original pages go 404
  2. API - I use the api to automatically post my bookmarks to my blog
  3. Full-text search: this is very very useful when needed
  4. Social Discovery: Search that niche website / app on Pinboard. It shows lots of other people who found that same thing as interesting. We can then follow them and subscribe to their favourites as RSS feed.


@scarface74 β€’ 10 days

Why? My Safari bookmarks are automatically synced between all of my devices. When I was using Windows, I could use the official Apple plug in for Firefox and Chrome to sync between Safari/Chrome/Firefox and they would each stay synced (eventually) between all of my browsers.


@kirubakaran β€’ 10 days

I'm building https://histre.com/

Bookmarks are just a starting point for easy knowledge management, online research, and collaboration. There's so much more that you could do with it.


@dabedee β€’ 10 days

I use Firefox bookmarks which syncs across all devices and has tags (although it's difficult to get them out without using the places.sqlite database file). I also have a subscription to pinboard.in but only to sync my FF bookmarks and tags there as a backup.


@maneesh β€’ 10 days

I pay for raindrop.io. Their free version is fantastic and i recommend it


@flixing β€’ 10 days

I use start.me and very with that


@dvsjr β€’ 9 days

I use the free pocket service with a browser extension to β€œsave to pocket” which bookmarks with optional tags I can provide when I save. Also gives reader view on their site when I browse my saved list. Favorites archive feature article view highlights video aggregator. Can create collections too. It lets me save quickly which fits my workflow. Could I do the same with bookmarks? Not quite, I’m Mac at home pc and Mac at work so the saas feature fixes cross browser saving issue.


@chazeon β€’ 10 days

I use self-hosted [linkace][1]. It is similar to Shaarli but has a little nicer interface.

[1]: https://www.linkace.org/


@thearrow β€’ 10 days

Just switched from https://pinboard.in to https://raindrop.io for this the other day. Migration went smoothly and so far the product is a bit nicer.


@mcint β€’ 10 days

I use Wallabag on a yunohost server. I highly recommend it. Easy saving, offline reading, and sharing between devices. I wish it were easier to share with others, but I read some PR comments yesterday clarifying why support has bigger implications for the tool.


@DaniDaniel5005 β€’ 10 days

I’m working on one which auto saves your link as a screenshot and PDF:



@racl101 β€’ 10 days

Still use Pinboard cause it's simple.


@michaelcampbell β€’ 9 days

I do, and love it. Raindrop.io is my provider, and one service I happily pay for.


@syspec β€’ 10 days

Raindrop.io It feels like a modern version of all the previous iterations of bookmarking.


@nojito β€’ 10 days

Nope. I print every interesting website to pdf and use ripgrep to search through it.


@tlavoie β€’ 10 days

I use Pinboard, like many others here. The other thing I do is use that API to write new entries from time to time, to my own local DB, in case the author gets hit by a bus (as he's joked about). I haven't written a front end to do much _with_ my local copy, but figure that's a problem I can deal with when I need to.


@anshumankmr β€’ 10 days

I use Onetab


@epberry β€’ 10 days

I've been enjoying https://daily.dev. The way they integrate into the browser is quite nice too. Well built all around.


@chiefalchemist β€’ 10 days

Not sure if you noticed this bubble up on HN earlier in the week but this might be helpful.

It's not bookmarking as much as site-marking, and then having your own search engine based on that collection.

Figured it was worth mentioning.



@ki_ β€’ 9 days

ofc, speeddial 2, except.. they updated it a few months ago. and it's broken now. fml. no updates for years, worked perfectly. until now.. so i dont recommend it.


@dr41d45 β€’ 9 days

All my bookmarks goes to a mess. So I found the best for me, at first save everything with Singlefile (extensions for browsers), then add everything to zip file. To search I use grep, find, etc. And this is perfect!


@jimmySixDOF β€’ 10 days

Also using Raindrop.io - it works great with Make integrations and the dev responds to issues. Good to sync between multiple browsers on multiple devices.


@dontbesquare β€’ 10 days

I use Nextcloud's bookmark features via the YunoHost instance I self host. A simple roll your own solution of sorts. https://yunohost.org/ is a really cool project. I love what they're doing.


@ryankshaw β€’ 10 days

I have the pocket extension installed in chrome. Not so much because I actually refer back to the things I have added to it but so that when I have wayyyy too many tabs open I can click the "add to pocket" button on a few of them and not agonize about closing them.


@matiastucci β€’ 10 days

I use guardo.io and so far I'm pretty happy with it


@user00012-ab β€’ 10 days

I use http://dynalist.io you can clip anything into your inbox, either the url (default when nothing is selected), or selected text on the page (with url of where it came from), and it works on all platforms. Once you have your data in a list you can do whatever you want with it and curate it the way you want, search it, and tag it.

Also, you can export the data out pretty easily also, which may not be the case with other bookmarking services.


@yakorevivan β€’ 10 days

raindrop.io .... best one Ive tried. Sooper fast and slick UI. Just works.... switched to this from getpocket.


@danielovichdk β€’ 10 days

I bookmarked this comments page because it has a lot of great tools


@aantix β€’ 10 days

I developed a product, Critical Context. Shared bookmarking and search for software teams.

You share a document with your team. E.g. "best cloud vendors".

Then for that document, each team member installs a bookmarklet, and collectively contributes to the research by submitting bookmarks, search queries, and screen shots.

Helpful if your team is collectively researching vendors, frameworks, etc.

Works well for my individual needs too.



@nokya β€’ 7 days

I use Firefox sync. Make sure to open the settings page and to disable everything else, the default behavior is to capture credit cards, logins, passwords, and complete history (I would qualify this default behavior as 100% in violation with the privacy by default principle required by GDPR in EU but hey, who am I to voice an opinion :)


@pizzicato β€’ 10 days

I use Pocket quite a bit.

I've also recently cobbled together a CLI tool that lets me save discussion threads on Reddit, HN and Stack Exchange. Very much a beginner-level project but here it is in case anyone is interested:



@aiisjustanif β€’ 10 days

Pinboard forever


@ews β€’ 10 days

I switched from pinboard.in / del.icio.us (the social aspect was becoming less and less important) to a workflow based on braintool (https://braintool.org/) and org-mode TODO and tags, it completely changed the way I work with bookmarks now.


@circa1977 β€’ 10 days

Raindrop.io is great.


@theandrewbailey β€’ 10 days

Isn't HN a bookmarking service?


@mjmsmith β€’ 10 days

I use Keep It [1] on macOS/iOS and save pages as PDFs.

[1] http://reinventedsoftware.com/keepit/


@steve_adams_86 β€’ 10 days

I use https://mymind.com

It's also a good dumping ground for any kind of interesting snippet, image, or whatever I find interesting. There are some neat little features for occasionally sorting through your "mind" and discarding unused information.

It's not free, but I don't mind because the UI happens to work well for me. It's thoughtful, well-crafted, and I'm happy to support them.


@asaddhamani β€’ 10 days

I made my own [0][1] that saves archives of the pages bookmarked, stores the browsing history, open tabs, and more. I've open sourced it but the open source code on GitHub is a bit out of date.

[0] https://www.crestify.com [1] https://www.github.com/dhamaniasad/crestify


@quickthrower2 β€’ 10 days

Iphone safari is my default bookmarking tool.


@causi β€’ 10 days

Frankly I just want a progressive bookmark system. I want to be able to hit Ctrl+D on John Doe's blog site and have the bookmark keep track of where I was on the site. If I read the first three posts and then close the tab I want to pick up where I left off when I open the bookmark.


@lamontcg β€’ 10 days

I only use bookmarks on firefox so I just sync them with firefox.

I generally don't open bookmarked pages in chrome, and if I ever did, I'd just use copy+paste.


@bueno β€’ 10 days

I recently launched an iOS app that may be relevant here!

Unlike other apps that save bookmarks that stay unread forever, Ephemera sets a deadline that the bookmark must be read by. Miss the deadline, and that bookmark is gone.


I’d love for the hacker news community to check it out!


@sqwrell β€’ 10 days

I have been using this https://tagpacker.com I was able to import from my old delicio.us account years ago TagPacker extension is nice


@tacheiordache β€’ 10 days

Im using onetab. I setup a shortcut (ctrl+shift+z) and close all my tabs which I may want back at some point with that shortcut. This healed me from wanting to hold onto my tabs. I kill them off with onetab and rarely do I revisit. Just knowing it's there helps a ton.


@jqpabc123 β€’ 10 days

Brave browser has this built in --- easy access from multiple devices.


@kordlessagain β€’ 10 days

I’m still working on https://Mitta.is, which saves sites, PDFs and images. It has some auto tagging enabled right now, with some additional GPT3 features coming soon for discussions about content saved.


@pajtai β€’ 9 days

I found Toby very helpful for organizing the bookmarks I'm actively working from: https://www.gettoby.com/


@jbrun β€’ 10 days

I use Instapaper for articles, videos and more. Does not work for dynamic web apps obviously.


@drittich β€’ 10 days

I'm still using a clone of https://del.icio.us/ that I wrote in 2004 after a fit of pique when it went down for a day or two. I use it almost daily and have amassed 11,490 links as of today, and most of them have the HTML cached.

It's kind of fun to track my interests over time by counting tag frequency, but I mainly use it out of nostalgia and for the mere constancy of it.


@dbodin11 β€’ 9 days

Yes. I built my own https://www.kontxt.io and hit the front page of HN not too long ago. It's a modern hybrid productivity and social bookmarking / news / knowledge aggregation service. Think social web layer with CMS and social network.

You can save the site / pdf (link or archive), engage with highlights, comments, and polls. There's privacy controls. It's searchable. Everything can be organized with tags as well as folders. You can join groups and follow people to discover shared content. Highlights can be shared natively to popular social platforms and observed with analytics. User's can also set a personal promotion with what they share as an added benefit and incentive to provide value.


@asdff β€’ 10 days

I started just saving web pages I like. Bookmarks are great but they are so prone to link rot I find, so its better to save a local copy you can keep forever.


@mikece β€’ 10 days

I haven't thought about it in years... but is Delicious still a thing? I would think (hope?) there would be an open source, PHP-based project I could throw onto commodity hosting to collect and manage bookmarks. If this doesn't exist it should -- and I wonder how hard it would be to also integrate saving/sharing tab-sets as well.


@l72 β€’ 10 days

I have started doing something completely different than using bookmarks. I set up yacy[1] on a personal, internal server at my home, which I can access from all my devices, since they are always on my wireguard vpn.

Yacy is actually a distributed search engine, but I run in 'Robinson mode' as a private peer, to keep it isolated, as I just want a personal search of only sites I have indexed.

Anytime I come across something of interest, I index it with yacy, using a a depth of 0 (since I only want to index that one page, not the whole site). This way, I can just go to my search site, and search for something, and anything related that I've indexed before pops up. I found this works way better than trying to manage bookmarks with descriptions and tags.

Also, yacy will keep a cache of the content which is great if the site ever goes offline or changes.

If I need to browse, I can go use yacy's admin tools to see all the urls I have indexed.

I have been using this for several months and I am using this way more than I ever used my bookmarks.

[1] https://yacy.net/


@obaid β€’ 10 days

I have been looking into this lately as well. My problem is that even if I visit back those pages, I don't remember the context of why I bookmarked it.

I have been toying with a chrome extension that enables me to add "annotations" to these pages and it helps me find websites based on my note search. It's far from perfect but I realized that I remember my notes / thoughts more than the website url or name.


@res0nat0r β€’ 10 days

I just use buku now and sync the db file via Dropbox


@pomatic β€’ 10 days

My incredibly unsophisticated, but surprisingly effective approach, is to share by email with myself (e.g. mail to myname+bookmark@mydomain.com).

Mail rules can then file them, I can add any relevant notes or hashtags to the mail body at the time I share the link, and the chronological ordering is helpful. Imap search is usually 'good enough' to turn up a half-remembered link or article.

I have been meaning to add an imap script to complement this with something like a simplepage archive, but have never got round to it.


@tenzo β€’ 10 days

@tin7in β€’ 10 days

I'm storing links in Apple Notes or in the notes software I am building myself (https://saga.so)


@ecliptik β€’ 10 days

I use Raindrop.io and have it hooked up to NewsBlur and ArchiveBox as secondary backups [1].

This way whenever something is bookmarked it's saved in Newsblur and published to Dropbox, which ArchiveBox picks up every hour and saves a local copy and to archive.org.

1. https://www.ecliptik.com/bookmarking-with-raindrop/


@kaffeeringe β€’ 10 days

Yes. The app in Nextcloud is great.


@eternityforest β€’ 10 days

I use Pocket because the Kobo Libra 2 reader supports it.

What I would really like, though, is if i could manage my bookmarks with SyncThing and have good browser integration.

I've always wanted some kind of SyncThing Companion App that provides NextCloud-y features with ST as the backend.


@baldguyken β€’ 7 days

I use pinboard.in

If I think I may need to refer to that content again, I'll also 'printfriendly' (convert the relevant content I need to PDF). I do this for 3 reasons, 1) In case I may need to refer to it again, and the website/content is gone. 2) I'm a digital hoarder. 3) I also like to have stuff available locally in case of extended internet outage


@johncalvinyoung β€’ 10 days

I still use Instapaper, though their mobile apps are not terribly useful, and very slow. Mostly I just use it to bookmark things--I read so voraciously that searching through 25 new bookmarks a day is way easier than searching through 250+ history entries a day, not to mention Chrome isn't indexing every page I've visited.


@teepo β€’ 10 days

I use an org mode capture template and a couple browser extensions. Dead simple for bookmarks and surfacing the context inside Emacs. - I have two use cases: 1. a simple bookmark I want to revisit (maybe) and 2. A bookmark with an excerpt from the page. I can copy in the material I want to capture all withe the same process.


@njharman β€’ 10 days

What's a bookmarking service?


@onassar β€’ 10 days

Will use this as an opportunity to share something I built called Bookee: https://onassar.github.io/extensions/bookee/

It's a Chrome Extension that let's me quickly search through my Chrome Bookmarks. It's got plenty of hotkeys, and I use it 20+ times a day.

Screenshot: https://i.imgur.com/NxHfxQC.jpg


@night-rider β€’ 10 days

Pinboard is still quite active. If you need proof just go to /recent which is a live firehose and interesting to see what people are bookmarking. I use Pinboard and regularly export my bookmarks incase their servers are hacked/wiped/corrupted.


@helipad β€’ 10 days

I pay for Pinboard with archiving, in fact my 5 year archiving was about to expire to paid for 10 years.

The entropy of links is staggering. I'm glad to have archives of some of the oldest links.


@dobin β€’ 10 days

The bookmarks i require are usually research related, therefore clustered. Just add the link into Trilium (or other note taking software), and add a few bullet points of description.

If i need it again, i either know where it is (part of which research), or can find it with the note search.


@hevisko β€’ 10 days

@philgo20 β€’ 9 days

I have been using Refind for years. Happy with it.


@niqdev β€’ 10 days


these are similar threads https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=22158218 https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=22105561

I personally ended up building my own solution with the following requirements * easy to export or convert later e.g. json * simple to build/maintain e.g. github action + hugo * easy to access from the phone e.g. telegram

These are my bookmarks https://myawesome.dev and this is the template https://github.com/my-awesome/my-awesome-template

it's not perfect but it cover my needs ;-)


@bazmattaz β€’ 10 days

I’ve tried every app under the sun over the last few years but found myself not using them after awhile.

In the end I just email myself links and it works a treat. My emails are bookmarks are in the same place


@jascii β€’ 10 days

I just copy the url to a plain text file, wget and grep if I need to find something and can't remember what's what.


@derekzhouzhen β€’ 10 days

For private stuff I only bookmark locally. For non-private stuff I use https://roastidio.us


@daniel_iversen β€’ 10 days

Yes I looove Instapaper still after many years


@looknround β€’ 10 days

I still fill up my bookmarks bar with folders and use Skrollo.com to store all my memes/fun stuffs.


@mmcdermott β€’ 10 days

A few years ago, I started using a wiki as a sort of all encompassing knowledgebase. In time, my wiki took over even using browser bookmarks. When I found a link that I wanted to remember, I would include a link to it in the context of the entry. The upshot is that I always had context for what I wanted or thought about the link.


@lukaszkups β€’ 10 days

Similarly to other commenters here, I would like to share my approach:

- if it's an article related to my interests and that fits for the overall contents I share on twitter - I simply tweet about it.

- if it's code-related (e.g. github repo) - I just "star" it

- if it's something else - it depends what category it is, because I have two bookmark folders in the browser: "4 later" (so that if something seems to be interesting but I don't have time right now to read it) or "saved" folder where I just put something that I would like to have bookmarked (I've also have then nested year sub-folders (as I don't bookmark THAT often that this approach wouldn't be sufficient for me)).

- if something is very important for me, I simply send an e-mail to myself with tagged content so I can easily find it through e-mail search engine later - I have a dedicated e-mail suffix for this (imagine xyz+bookmark@gmail.com) and it automatically goes archived into "bookmarks" folder instead to inbox.


@igaray β€’ 10 days

After I reached around 7-8k bookmarks the only thing that worked for me is an orgmode text file in a git repo, but it's true that I don't need fancy syncing or sharing/social features.


@freediver β€’ 10 days

I use TinyGem (disclaimer: creator) as a reading list/bookmarking tool


My public feed https://tinygem.org/tomcat/


@obiwahn β€’ 8 days

I had a Mozilla wave back in the days. And I was very happy. Today you need 3 containers, is it awfully complex and there is no documentation. And the Mozilla guys are far less helpful than in the irc days. Could be cool. But unfortunately sucks. Is there anyone with a Mozilla sync setup, that is reasonably secure and willing to share his configuration?


@miiiiiike β€’ 10 days

I use Google Keep. It's amazing. It's one of those side tabs on GMail that you close when you first start a new account and never look at again.

I use the web and iOS version (through "share") half a dozen times a day.



@maxk42 β€’ 10 days

@chaostheory β€’ 10 days

Yup, still using pinboard. It’s cheap and easy to use with no maintenance which imo is expensive


@Overtonwindow β€’ 10 days

My bookmarks have not changed in a long time. I use the same bookmarks. I never really use the service, because I never really use bookmarks all that much, I’ll just Google something. I found the bookmarks get on wielding and I start losing track of them and I start having lists of bookmarks that are 9 years old.

Rather than bookmarks I use Pocket. It’s been very helpful especially for articles and technical websites that I want to be able to reference later.


@dzuc β€’ 10 days

@comboy β€’ 10 days

I use Zim.

Not much different from just having a text file. Easy to backup, can grep keywords etc. Lack of sync is a disadvantage so I sometimes use "note to self" on signal when I want to save something from mobile.


@thefourthchime β€’ 10 days

I tweet it. There’s always an option to tweet anything anywhere.

Nobody reads my Twitter except me, so it works fine.


@jazzyjackson β€’ 10 days

I've had too many bookmarks go offline a few years after the fact, so now I just print anything interesting to PDF (I use safari's "Share" button and send it to DEVONthink, two clicks and I have a permenant archive sorted into categories.)


@have_faith β€’ 10 days

I'd rather not use a 3rd party service. All I really need is the bookmarking UX already built into the browser but behind the scenes it captures the contents of the link (locally) and stores it against the bookmark. Bonus points if it asks where I want the bookmarks and their snapshots to be stored/synced to.

Does such a plugin exist?


@bhub β€’ 10 days

I used to use pinboard[1] but since I started dicking around with self hosting I use Wallabag[2] for β€œread it later” articles and linkding [0] for saving links that I want to refer to later. Linkding is pretty much a self hosted pinboard

[0] https://github.com/sissbruecker/linkding

[1] http://pinboard.in/

[2] https://www.wallabag.it/en


@throwawayjun21 β€’ 10 days

I have been using Firebox for a long time.


@wrycoder β€’ 10 days

Firefox bookmarks (three layers deep) plus Instapaper for random non-technical articles.


@jandrusk β€’ 10 days

I use Slack as my bookmark manager ;) Have my own personal Slack workspace where I have various channels for certain types of bookmarks(coding/emacs/history,etc). On my Debian box at home I have weechat with the weeslack plugin where my weechat instance runs in a tmux session 24X7 and I log everything locally to disk. That way I can just open up the Slack log for a given channel to find a specific bookmark in Emacs via search/regex search. Have Slack clients at work, mobile, and home, so it seems to work pretty good for me.


@bhaney β€’ 10 days

I just leave the tab open forever


@Jistern β€’ 10 days

Bookmarks never worked for me. If I find something interesting I add it to an existing Google Doc, or create an new Google Doc for it. Google Docs are easy to search.


@juchilov β€’ 9 days

Scrapyard, a WebExtension ScrapBook revival: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/scrapyard/


@eibhinn β€’ 10 days

Kinda/sorta. I use https://dynalist.io as my outliner. And it has browser clipper plugins that in their simplest use snapshot the title/url of the page you're on. So I often clip urls into there.

But it as a tool is much broader. I use it as my GTD inbox, and for task management, and other notes. The fact that I can simply search for pages that I've clipped (including adding #tags to them, or grouping them) is a lovely subset of what I use it for.


@twblalock β€’ 10 days

I've pretty much stopped using bookmarks.

I used to have a large amount of bookmarks, carefully sorted into folders. I didn't use most of them on a regular basis, and the links broke over time. The end result was a bunch of broken bookmarks.

The combination of autocomplete, history, and web searches seems good enough to find anything I want.


@bradneuberg β€’ 10 days

I think most people's "bookmarking service" these days, including myself, is to just have an extra browser window that has a million "read later" tabs.


@BlackForestBoy β€’ 10 days

I found bookmarking tools often lacking a more holistic integration into research workflows that are not just about saving things, but also taking notes.

We’ve developed Memex to solve for that. It’s an offline first extension for bookmarking and annotating websites, pdfs and youtube videos. Also you can collaboratively curate and discuss them, and it has a mobile app to save and annotate websites. It’s availabe for Chrome/Brave and Firefox (memex.garden)

3min Demo: https://links.memex.garden/3mindemo


@delvallejonatan β€’ 10 days

https://guardo.io/ does exactly this, it saves the entire page in case it gets deleted. It comes with a nice search engine where you can search for any words included in the page you save.


@arrosenberg β€’ 10 days

I use Raindrop.io. Hits the sweet spot in terms of price and usability/UX.


@nostromo β€’ 10 days

Apple Notes is where I put urls along with just about everything else.

The one and only thing I miss about Delicious is that it was great to see what other people were saving under a specific tag or topic.


@philistine β€’ 10 days

I use Pocket to send pages to my RSS reader.

What I mean by that is if I see a page I want to read later, I need to have it in NetNewsWire to read it; otherwise I never read them. So I subscribe to my Pocket account’s RSS feed, so whenever I bookmark something in Pocket, it’s ready to be started in NetNewsWire whenever I get to reading my feeds.

I’m big on having one destination for all the things I follow. I follow YouTube accounts through RSS as well.


@sanwrencho β€’ 9 days

I just use Pocket, it's not fancy but it works!


@low_tech_punk β€’ 10 days

I use a browser extension to store bookmarks in GitHub https://github.com/osmoscraft/osmosmemo


1) Hostless, GitHub is the backend

2) works in multiple browsers

3) Has tagging


1) No mobile client

2) Search is primitive


@browningstreet β€’ 10 days

I use bookmarks.


@leray_J β€’ 10 days

Not really bookmarking, but close to, i use https://www.eesel.app/


@dewey β€’ 10 days

I realized that I never go back to my bookmarks and if I really wanted to find something again I usually am able to. I came to the same realization with hoarding movies / tv shows.


@artdigital β€’ 10 days

I'm using https://anybox.cc to hold my work life together. It's a native Mac/iOS app (not web based like raindrop) and very keyboard shortcuts heavy


@honkycat β€’ 10 days

I use the notion web clipper. Works great, I can have multiple databases for different interests.


@EntICOnc β€’ 6 days

@djlewald β€’ 10 days

Funnily enough, I made a CLI tool recently that bookmarks SSH connection strings. https://github.com/IamFlowZ/ssh-bm


@kristiandupont β€’ 10 days

I typically write the URL in my notes if I need to look at it again for some specific reason.

For more silly things, I created a private subreddit together with my brother. We post things that we find interesting enough to share and re-visit in there, which is quite a nice format.


@didip β€’ 10 days

I don't use bookmarking services.

In between:

1. Sending email to myself with appropriate keywords.

2. Writing them in Notes app.

3. and private git repo for my personal knowledge bank.

I got all my needs covered.


@depingus β€’ 10 days


Locally encrypted, open source, free with no ads or can be self-hosted. And most importantly, its not tied to any particular browser. With xBrowserSync for bookmarks and Bitwarden for passwords, I can browser hop as much as I want.


@hanoz β€’ 10 days

Upvoting posts on Hacker News is my substitute for bookmarking things these days, as it's almost the only route by which I find stuff I wish to find again these days.

I'm just (still) waiting on someone to develop the app which lets me search it.


@Oliver-Fish β€’ 10 days

I mostly use bookmarks for easy access to commonly used tools and documentation; however, typically, I suffer from the fact when I need to share a set of bookmarks, the browser support of export/import is really awful for both the exporter and importer.

I encountered it so much that I built a tool in the last few months to allow sharing of bookmarks natively in the browser. I didn't want to use a new tool to manage my bookmarks; I just wanted to enhance the browser bookmark feature with the ability to share bookmarks.



@tr1ll10nb1ll β€’ 10 days

I’ve been using Raindrop. It seems cool.


@NelsonMinar β€’ 10 days

I still maintain a linkblog, via Pinboard. You can read it via RSS from Pinboard or the best view these days is on Twitter: https://twitter.com/somebitsLinks


@wild-eep β€’ 10 days

I use the browser, mainly just to get autocomplete in the address bar.

But, browser bookmark management ranges from barely acceptable to irritating. Never great, or innovative, like some of these services. I wish the browser vendors would adopt some of this stuff.


@archi42 β€’ 10 days

For private use: I rarely bookmark anything anymore. Lots of info is easy to find (e.g. Arch Linux Wiki) and reasonable reliable. Also my password manager has a list of all accounts with associated URLs, so I can search that.

For work I have a wider variety of information. I'm often doing Pentests, so I read up on related research a lot. Since I can't keep every minor detail in my head, I bookmark interesting things in the browser; that's then backed up, but that's about it.

As a typical tech hobby, I run a few home servers and recently got myself an "always on" machine. Now I'm looking at self hosted services my family and/or I could genuinely benefit from. Bookmark sync between my work laptops could be nice, but Yacy mentioned in the top comment is insanely attractive - indexing (+archiving?) beats bookmarking.


@coastflow β€’ 10 days

I use Evernote. It's the last "killer feature" of the platform. The software is too slow and clunky for taking notes (OneNote or Apple's stock Notes app are far better for this), even after the somewhat-recent update that improved performance, but it succeeds at saving webpages where other services fail. I tried to switch to OneNote's web clipper, but too often it could only save a link instead of clipping the page. Evernote also works on iOS.

There was an interesting comment on r/Evernote by a former employee who worked there about why the clipper works so well (link: https://www.reddit.com/r/Evernote/comments/fbf8an/comment/fj...), based on acquisitions of other companies, custom code for certain websites, and a willingness to test websites where clipping doesn't work and (eventually) fix them.

However, there are issues with clipping on desktop Safari (occasionally there are bugs for periods of time, until fixes are implemented in an update), and sometimes clipping does break for certain websites (though this eventually gets fixed). I also find searching can take effort to find specific past web clips, though I'm not sure if the services is actually worse than before.

Web clipping is the last reason I'm staying with Evernote, writing as a user who has paid money in an attempt to migrate notes to another service (then finding that the other service was inadequate for web clipping).


@pointlessone β€’ 10 days

I use DEVONthink to keep a local copy (WebArchive) of interesting pages. On top of obvious bookmarking features like tags I get good search, annotations, and preservation to name a few things. Preservation is underrated. I have quite a few pages that are no longer available on the web (even in various archives).


@micromacrofoot β€’ 10 days

I pay for Pinboard but don't actually use it, I just like Maciej


@Fire-Dragon-DoL β€’ 8 days

I bookmark since like... 15 years ago, nowdays I use raindrop.io to tag bookmarks. Can't live without it!


@navalsaini β€’ 8 days

I developed this over a weekend

rewq.app (after opening it once, you could swipe the name on the keyboard. The TAB key next to `q` triggers the auto-complete and completes rewq.app)

I use it making shortcuts to links or lists. Like, music -> ...music..link.. , so on.

When I swipe, rewq<TAB> ? music

The url opens. :-p

FYI ... Also comes with a chrome extension.


@simonw β€’ 10 days

I use Pocket, then I have my own tool that exports my data from Pocket to SQLite: https://datasette.io/tools/pocket-to-sqlite


@abnry β€’ 10 days

For a couple years I've been working on a personal Flask App that will collect and organize my SingleFile [1] downloads. Uses inotify to automatically detect a SingleFile generated html file and processes it into a database, where it also creates a screenshot thumbnail.

Been working great for me so far, and definitely help me improve my coding skills. One of the things I like the most is that it records the time I downloaded the SingleFile page, which means I can view a timeline of bookmarks. It is nice to visually review over the month what I decided to save, often as a way to reinforce what I learned.

[1] https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/singlefile/mpiodij...


@idealmedtech β€’ 10 days

When I find incredible in depth content that I plan to read later, my first step is always to drop it into archive.org, and then to bookmark the original link. That way if you're perusing later on and some links have died or been moved, you can always recover the content you want. Plus, it's archived for everyone else on the Internet which is a net benefit.

I donate to them yearly for being such a crucial piece of Internet infrastructure (in the historical, not literal, sense)


@mark_h β€’ 10 days

I recently started actively bookmarking pages again recently (after being an early Pinboard customer, but not a particularly busy one). I wrote a script to email me 5 random bookmarks every day, so now I treat bookmarking as a "like" button; something I find interesting at the time, and may want to rediscover in the future. I rarely use bookmarks to find something I'm searching for though.


@andyjohnson0 β€’ 10 days

Sites and pages that i use get bookmarked in Firefox and synced to my devices.

Notable things that ai might need in the future go into Notion with (critically) some notes on context and why theyre important. If i xant be bothered to write any notes then its not important enough to be added.


@sagaro β€’ 10 days

when I am researching on something, I usually just dump links with a line describing them on obsidian.md so I can go back to it when I need to. Bookmarks never worked for me.


@hegzploit β€’ 10 days

I'm using raindrops across all my devices for curating links and tagging them.

It's a nice tool.


@focusedone β€’ 10 days

Pockey + Pocket 2 Kindle for things I want to read later. Otherwise, HN favorites and digging through Firefox history / other devices to find that one page whatwasitcalled IknowIreadthatyesterday.


@RheingoldRiver β€’ 10 days

I have literally thousands of bookmarks in Firefox that I use for their keyword aliases and manage by regex. But I don't think that's what you meant.

I also have several hundred "normal" bookmarks across several folders. Documentation, Hobby, "randomly cool," etc. But I definitely lose a lot of content that I wish I didn't.


@MattieTK β€’ 10 days

I dropped pinboard.in recently. The interface hasn't had improvements in years, the extensions are all third party, and the API if you wanted to build your own is pretty limiting. The mobile interface is pretty poor too.

I'm now moved over the Raindrop.io[1], which is another solo-developer outfit, but has had a lot of work put into it. It does all the same stuff Pinboard does (including page archiving but beside the social and public directory things... which nobody uses), but has a bunch of additional features. It has a much more complete API, a well maintained extension, and mobile apps! Definitely worth giving a go.

[1]: https://raindrop.io/


@crossroadsguy β€’ 10 days

No. I use Safari and no one makes any extensions for this browser anymore and I don’t blame them β€” Apple has put in significant amount of effort in discouraging such service providers. Installing third party apps is tedious and often breaks.

Last bookmarking service I used was pinboard. I still have an account on there but that’s about it.


@abruzzi β€’ 10 days

I haven't bookmarked anything in over 20 years. I just use my memory + search. Obviously bookmarking can retain far more than my memory, but my use of the web is deep, not wide (i.e. small number of sites, used heavily) so is easily handled by local site search engines.


@viburnum β€’ 10 days

I’ve been really happy with β€œSave as PDF” into my Dropbox folder. If you use Safari’s reader mode before you save it’s especially nice and the files are small. Works great with spotlight search and accessible on mobile.


@ubersnack β€’ 10 days

I’ve started using History Book on iOS/macOS, runs as an extension in safari and can automatically save a copy of every page for easy searching later


@DHPersonal β€’ 10 days

For articles to read later I use the Safari Reading List. To store bookmarks I use GoodLinks (https://apps.apple.com/us/app/goodlinks/id1474335294) that syncs via iCloud and has iOS and macOS apps to store and display the collection. To catch any articles I may forget to store I use the Safari extension History Book (https://apps.apple.com/us/app/history-book-browse-search/id1...) that saves a searchable article list to return to later.


@memorable β€’ 10 days

I don't use a bookmarking service, but I use built-in bookmarking, then every 2 days I export it to a specific directory on my machine in case of having to move to another browser or for rewinding time.


@pneto β€’ 8 days

I made this shell script to save them in a text file with title and tags and I can search with fzf. The nice thing is that I can open urls in specific software. A video in mpv, a gemini url in amfora and so on. It's not really well written but it serves my needs. But I still need a way to import my browser bookmarks. https://github.com/paulobtn/cli-bookmarker


@klausjensen β€’ 10 days

I use Pinboard - and I always tag my bookmarks. Then I usually never look at them again.


@warrenm β€’ 9 days

I have a set of IFTTT rules that collects stuff I post different places into my Merikebi (Amharic for "ship", "vessel", or "ark") blog

Everything, for example, that I post to Twitter gets scooped up and dropped there

Along with messages sent to a private email address, among other things


@kkfx β€’ 10 days

I generally archive as pdf ONLY things really interesting me, in org-mode/org-roam managed notes as org-attachments, most other links are just noted with a not-that-good but the best I found combo:

- https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/copy-as-org-m... and https://github.com/kuanyui/copy-as-org-mode

- https://beepb00p.xyz/promnesia.html and https://github.com/karlicoss/promnesia and https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/promnesia/

- https://beepb00p.xyz/grasp.html and https://github.com/karlicoss/grasp/ and https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/grasp

The first to quickly copy text from html, the second to see if something is already noted, the third to quickly archive the bookmark. In the past I've used Zotero witch works automatically VERY well (and on deduplicated storage does not consume so much disk space) but since it's a kind of walled-garden in the sense I can't really integrate it in anything else I decide to have a bit less features but hyper-superior integration with org-mode.


@5evOX5hTZ9mYa9E β€’ 10 days

I just create a note in my personal wiki/notes and leave it there with enough metadata that I can later find it. If it makes sense, I also take a snapshot via archive.is or ghostarchive.org if it makes sense (the website is not a web-app).


@nikivi β€’ 10 days

My bookmarking service is Alfred workflow I wrote: https://github.com/nikitavoloboev/alfred-my-mind

It searches through links in my wiki: https://github.com/nikitavoloboev/knowledge


@creativityland β€’ 10 days

Yes and depending on what.

- Notable things that are urgent gets emailed to myself.

- Sites and pages get bookmarked in the browser

- Notes and tasks are added directly into an extension like Notion [0] or Taskade [1] or Pocket [2] and synced to all my devices


[0] - https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/notion-web-clipper...

[1] - https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/taskade-team-tasks...

[2] - https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/save-to-pocket/nil...


@cabbagesauce β€’ 10 days

With FF it's Tab Stash for me[0]. Then I export to Chrome when I have a period of using it as my main browser.

For portability, I use a public Telegram channel that I post interesting links to for later reading. Given the web version doesn't require to be logged in and has a search bar it's very good for accessing everything you have.

[0] https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/tab-stash/


@SoftTalker β€’ 10 days

I used to use instapaper quite a bit, but when I figured out that I almost never went back and read any of my saved links, I stopped.

If I'm not interested enough to read the link now, I almost certainly am not going to read it later.

Sort of the same reason I don't take photos anymore. I never go back and look at them, so it's just a waste of time and a distraction from being really present in the moment.


@dusted β€’ 10 days

I've never had to, all the browsers I've ever used had bookmark support.


@tpoacher β€’ 10 days

I do use bookmarks, but usually it's about crudely saving a session for easy access, to continue from where I left off the next day more than anything.

If I want to save a page for future reference because it's useful more generally, I actually have a special "References" deck in Anki for that, which has various useful levels of categorization applied.

Similarly, if it's an article I want to queue for serious future reading, I have a "Reading" deck. After reading (and potentially after having been converted to anki notes in the Main deck) notes from the reading deck go either in the Archived deck after reading, or in the References deck accordingly.


@caviv β€’ 9 days

Oh yes I do. Best one ever is the https://yabs.io which is kind of like good-old-declicio.us


@xeromal β€’ 10 days

I use my browser's bookmarks bar.


@KolenCh β€’ 10 days

I use the Pocket free tier.

Then I use the web export function there to export it to xml.

I wrote a script that would read that xml and pull (and if not available, fall back to archive.org) and cache (so only new bookmarks are downloaded) the sites, and built an offline version for archival and searching.


@SN76477 β€’ 10 days

I use the notion web clipper, then tag in Notion.


@goddamnyouryan β€’ 10 days

I created yet another place for me to store all my own bookmarks: https://link.horse

I mostly wanted to be able to categorize bookmarks within multiple tags, and easily be able to save them, using a bookmarklet.


@devinegan β€’ 10 days

I use a self-hosted docker image of Wallabag. Has worked well for years and replaced Pinboard for me.


@ibobev β€’ 10 days

For some types of bookmarks I started to use a GitHub repositories with a markdown document in them. Those are my bookmarks collected mainly through HN:

- A list of freely available articles, tutorials, book about programming, math and science: https://github.com/bobeff/programming-math-science

- A list of open source games: https://github.com/bobeff/open-source-games


@Kerrick β€’ 10 days

I use the bookmark feature built into my web browser, which also syncs with my smartphone. For bookmarks I want to share publicly, I just drop them onto a hand-coded HTML page on my website: https://kerricklong.com/bookmarks/


@askafriend β€’ 10 days

I stopped because I realized it was hoarding-behavior more than anything meaningful or productive.

I still do it occasionally, but I'm not longer obsessive about it the way I might have been in the past.


@rg_ceo β€’ 9 days

I use chatbot for collect useful links


@FunnyBadger β€’ 10 days

The internet is far too "entropic" to trust bookmarks alone. This has been a clear failing of the web since the 1990s.

I've literally been downloading pages since then to have a local image. I've written various native code tools to extract text, index that and then markup the files with keywords and then create a local search engine back.

SO MUCH is shadow-edited, deleted or lost. It's foolish to rely on ANYTHING online for more than a year or even less. If it matters you must have a full archive.

When PDFs are referenced (e.g. scientific papers - I have 1000s of COVID papers), I download those and index them.

This is also why I never rely on e-books - I order a hard copy because in 20-100 years, it will ONLY be the paper version that will still be around.


@AndrewDucker β€’ 10 days

Pinboard too. Pretty happy with it.


@TavsiE9s β€’ 10 days

I'm still using pinboard to access bookmarks on multiple devices.


@Cryptoclidus β€’ 10 days



@Bolderman β€’ 10 days

For articles I want to read later I use Pocket. It syncs nicely to my Kobo which I like much better for reading long articles than a computer screen.


@eterps β€’ 10 days

Yes, but in combination with highlights and annotation (I use diigo.com). memex.garden is a similar offering, although I haven't used it myself.


@lonelyasacloud β€’ 10 days

Yes. Have used for years and pay for https://www.diigo.com/ .

As a service it doesn't appear to be being actively developed, but it is reliable, isn't too fugly and has the required functionallity (multiplatform/browser/mobile support, good search, read later, tags, highlighting, sticky notes, private and public libraries and archiving for important stuff) in a reasonably easy to use form.

diigo's not perfect by any means - automated tagging suggestions could benefit from ML pixie dust - but certainly the best first stage of research and web page archiving solution I've found (compared to DevonThink, Pocket, Evernote, InstaPaper, A's Notes (and a few others I've forgotten))


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