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Ask HN: How to Bookmark Videos on YouTube?

I often watch long videos like podcasts or interviews on YouTube. Since I have turned off search history, YT usually restarts video from beginning. Is there any otherway to bookmark a particular timestamp?

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Ask HN: How to Bookmark Videos on YouTube?

@pwg β€’ 11 days

Replying to @rishikeshs πŸŽ™

Alternately, download the podcasts or interviews (yt-dlp: https://github.com/yt-dlp/yt-dlp) and then watch them with whatever local player you have that allows you to save a partial watch location and return to that point later.


@behnamoh β€’ 11 days

You can "Save" them to a (private) playlist.


@Leftium β€’ 11 days

For podcasts/interviews, I like to download/extract the audio in m4a format. (yt-download is great for this.)

If you simply rename the file extension as an m4b file, Apple (iPhone) treats the file as an audio book. This gives a few immediate benefits:

- Your timestamp in the file is automatically bookmarked. If you stop in the middle of the file, the next time you open the file it starts at the same point.

- You can jump forward/back 15/30 seconds.

- You can control the playback speed: 2X, 1.5X, 0.5X, etc.


@WalterGR β€’ 11 days

Right click the video. Click the appropriate option. I forget what it’s labeled.


@nevernothing β€’ 11 days

click on share and checkbox start at, that gives you a url with timestamp in it.


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