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Ask HN: Are there any companies that are doing interesting work in hardware?

Outside of ML/computer vision and processors, what companies are pushing the envelope in more esoteric domains of hardware?

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Ask HN: Are there any companies that are doing interesting work in hardware?

@drallison 11 days

Replying to @Dracophoenix 🎙

Silicon Catalyst is a global venture incubator with many hardware projects in progress.


@Hramish 12 days

Eridan: https://eridan.io is doing really cool stuff in the RF hardware space. Main focus is telecom and 5G but there are tons of wireless applications when you redefine the architecture of a transmitter and do it in GaN


@fentonc 12 days

We design custom silicon for doing molecular dynamics simulations for drug-discovery work: https://www.deshawresearch.com/technology.html


@md2020 12 days



@teleforce 13 days

Check out JITX (SC18), it's using AI to automate circuit design. They are using a relatively unknown Stanza language for their CAD system.




@2OEH8eoCRo0 13 days


Working on software in defense sucked a fat one. The guys working hardware enjoyed it a lot more.


@evilstark 13 days

not sure how specific you are about "interesting work in hardware" but this is the first thing that came to mind for me:


total rethink of the humble electric panel.

If this had been around when I solared up my house I would have definitely done it.... A little hard to see doing it on it's own...


@johndoe0815 13 days

@mithro 12 days

While the news seems to focuses on ML and RISC-V, there is a huge amount of *other* activity in the silicon space. With [Google working to improve the open source EDA tools + PDKs while also providing free manufacturing](https://opensource.googleblog.com/2022/05/Build%20Open%20Sil...) there are lots of opportunities.

The "new" FPGA companies like GowinSemi and RapidSilicon are also creating some pretty cool parts.


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