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Show HN: Explore remote SQLite databases over SSH

Hi! As a big fan of SQLite, I always found the tooling to explore remote databases a bit lacking. Current solutions involve running an extra service in the remote host and exposing a port to access it. I built a small web app that can explore remote SQLite databases without having to run any service on the remote, you just need SSH.

It works by sending sqlite3 CLI commands over a multiplexed SSH connection. The commands use the "-json" flag from the sqlite3 CLI. This basically turns the SSH connection into an JSON API for the remote SQLite database. The project is hosted on GitHub[0] and I wrote a blog post with more details about the project and how it works[1].

I'm still exploring multiple ideas and implementations details, but feedback is more than welcome.

[0]: https://ricardoanderegg.com/posts/sqlite-remote-explorer-gui/

[1]: https://github.com/litements/litexplore

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Show HN: Explore remote SQLite databases over SSH

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Nice explainer. Also your SQLite queue repository is cool. Good stuff


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