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Matt Mullenweg Identifies GoDaddy as a “Parasitic Company”

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Matt Mullenweg Identifies GoDaddy as a “Parasitic Company”

@radiojasper 12 days

Replying to @taubek 🎙

I fully agree. GD has been buying out contributing software vendors like crazy recently (Kadence, WP Curve, Pagely, ManageWP amongst others - 17 companies in total and counting), without giving anything back to the platform and its community. They're just parasiting off of free software and have enough money to buy out as many companies as needed to become a monopoly. Google's auto-suggest question stuff in their SERPs are already showcasing this nonsense [0]

And is GD alone? No, the parasites over at LiquidWeb are doing the exact same thing. The recently bought out Modern Tribe, the creators of The Events Calendar, StellarWP, iThemes, GiveWP, Restrict Content Pro, Iconic...

[0] https://jasper.monster/sharex/firefox_s8xJtIjFY3.png


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