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My Lasik Eye Surgery Experience

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My Lasik Eye Surgery Experience

@sjcoles 12 days

Replying to @shubhamjain 🎙

Really suggest not doing this with -6 sph or stronger. The higher your prescription the greater the risk of halos and starbursts.

I was at -9 and -8.25 (OS OD) with slight astigmatism (0.25 cyl) and still have halos 8 years later. Mind you this was at the absolute edge of what the machine at the facility I worked at could do. I no longer work for that company and I understood the risks going into the procedure with my prescription.

I did require glasses after 2 years too and due to the aspherical nature of my, now ablated, cornea any spherical abberation is perceived as astigmatism. I have to over correct a quarter diopter in sph to reduce the halos and starbursts at the expense of a bit of fish eye lensing.

Would I do it again? Probably but I would definitely try glasses sooner to help with the haloing even if I tested at 20/20.


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